*Please meet my good friend Dale Everret Kerr*

05/17/2013****Good Sat Morning to New Visitors and Recovery Friends***I wanted everyone to meet my very good friend & Recovery brother Dale Kerr. I’m currently helping him with a Fundraiser we put together a while ago, and I like to show his updated posts. Just a little background on Dale, in 2007, he got a call NO Father ever wants to take. His son who lived in Ohio was murdered, and passed away at the hospital. Dale left Colorado, where he lived, and went to Ohio to bury his son. While there he stopped to help a citizen, the man was highly intoxicated, backed his van over Dale and dragged him, not knowing Dale was under the van. Well, you can read the rest below, and Updates & Donor list here at: http://www.YouCaring.com/Medical-Fundraiser/Physical-Therapy-to-be-able-to-walk-again-as-well-as-Water-Therapy-/40078/ ((*HIS NEW LINK HERE WILL BE UP SHORTLY*))   I have committed a portion of sales from my New Book, and the eBook just released on Amazon for Kindle to his fund. He still needs help with out of pocket costs not covered by his insurance to get him to his new water therapy treatments, due to being in a wheelchair, he has to pay for a “Special needs van” with a lift & the nurse that takes him 2 to 4 times a week. So I’m calling on all my friends for help so we all can be a Part of seeing Dale Kerr walk again!! Thanks, and God Bless!  Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

  A Warm Hello to all my friends and donors. It has been some time since I’ve updated my Profile, and much has changed since my coming toYoucaring.com.   For those who are visiting for the “First” time, I appreciate you visit, and Welcome. As most my donors and friends already know my past, but just a brief backdrop. July 2007 my life would change in an Instant, as I was in Freeport, Ohio to lay my son to rest due to him being murdered, and something I wish NO Father ever has to go through. I was on my way home from the store when I stopped to help aman who, as I found, was Highly Intoxicated. As I went to see his need, he started to drive away and I got caught under his van, Crushed and Dragged. Well, 64 broken bones, many surgeries, and a MRSA infection. THAT WAS THEN, This is today. I’ve been fighting each day with Rehab and Physical Therapy, and all of you have been supporting me in this fight right along side me, for that I’m Truly Blessed and Grateful for your continued financial support, and love. I’ve come so far. I have now moved into a Prep stage, for my legs, with a New form of Water Therapy, with the first session complete, and wouldn’t have this opportunity to do so without Your GENEROUS support. This will take about 2 years. I’m ready for my 2nd session now, but it takes having to go 2~4 times a week, being I still need the Medical Nurse and Van for my wheelchair, some lodging, gas. These are not covered under my Insurance. So, again I need your continued financial support to continue this Water Treatment and Therapy for my legs to enable me to walk on my own again. My Good friend, and *Author, Catherine Lyon* has Generously committed to have a BOOK fundraiser to donate a portion of her SALES to my fund, YOU can Help by purchasing her Amazon Kindle eBook “Addicted To Dimes” here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/0984478485/ **I’m Thanking You All In advance for your caring and generous donations.*Please share with others so I may grow my Donations List and Support!**Thanks Again, and may God Bless you!   Sincerely from my Heart, Dale Kerr…..(Everett Kerr)

by Everett Kerr ***BLOGGED ON JUNE 1st, 2013 By: Author, Catherine Lyon*****


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