*Meet Recovery Rob*

 See, my blog is not JUST all about ME and my Recovery, it’s also about the wonderful people I meet along my journey. I’m sure many of you have had what I call a “Devine” meeting with others, who come in & out of our life for a special reason.  Some become long time friends, some not no much. But, you feel that Devine feeling that they were meant to come at that just so “Right” time in your Life. Well, I have a few friends I’ve met that way. One is a great guy also in Recovery, meet Recovery Rob. We have only met a few months back, but he has given me a *Positive* light in my Heart.  As you all know, writing is my passion, but Recovery is MY LIFE. It’s my mission, and why I wrote my “Truth” and share my past of addicted gambling. So others can learn and hopefully not make the same Poor Choice’s I made in my hellish addiction. Well Rob is of the same mindset as I. Through his helpful website at www.AskRecoveryRob.com where he has a “Sober Community” page, and excellent advice on Recovery Films, Books, and reviews. And of course he was kind enough to take the time to read my book and give a review on his site www.askrecoveryrob.com/book-review-for-Addicted-To-Dimes the review is good and helpful for me as a writer. He also has a beautiful FB page as well,  http://www.facebook.com/AskRecoveryRob?ref=hl which I hope you’ll go by Both and give him a “Like” and say Hello. So, the next time you meet someone, and you get that Devine feeling in your heart, you just never know what can happen when you meet another!   

Here’s a little bit about me! http://askrecoveryrob.com/ask-recovery-rob/
About Recovery Rob | Ask Recovery Rob
About Recovery Rob Recovery Rob is 47-years-old and has been sober since August 1992. Branding himself a ‘garden variety’ drunk, Recovery Rob’s main drug of choice was alcohol, although he also identifies with drugs such as crystal meth, cocaine, ketamine (special k), ecstasy, MDMA, inhalant abuse….*Come By And Read the Rest of The Story of my friend Recovery Rob!*
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