*Joy2BFree* ~~ *How much JOY Do You Have to B Free of Addiction?*

Good Sunday Morning Recovery Friends!
Today I wanted to tell you about some fantastic recovery websites I’d been asked to be a *Guest Article writer* for.  See, it really doesn’t matter to me where, or who I write for, as so many addictions “Share” many of the same behavioral traits and bad habits  that we learn through our addiction.
When I come across helpful sites to help me in my own recovery, I feel the only way I can sometimes help others is to share these sites, so they may benefit others in there recovery as well. Why keep them a secret when we have had to keep way to MANY secrets in addiction!
Author, Cathy Lyon link ~~ www.Joy2bfree.com  Is a wonderful recovery aid for those in NA, and I just had nominated them for a *SHINE ON AWARD* for all they do here on there site! And this is a “Comment” they sent me in response,
06/15/2013 4:23pm ~~ (ME TO THEM)

“What’s on my mind is that what you do here for others on this site is deserving of MY Nomination of your website for *THE SHINE ON AWARD* for giving So much of yourself to help others in Recovery!” The details are on my New Recovery Blog at:  http://CatherineLyonaddictedtodimes.wordpress.com  *CONGRATS*

06/16/2013 9:31am

“We are humbled and honored by this nomination. Our primary purpose must be to carry the message to the addict who still suffers. But the the grace of God there go I and I am so grateful that we do recover. JFT”
Thank you!*********************************************************************************************************

**I think it’s a beautiful response, and very true that we all should carry the message to other addicts who still suffer, and are stuck on the Cycle of addiction! When we have already won the war on addiction in recovery, we have nothing more to lose when we share our testimony with others, or even the World of what it was like. It’s why I wrote my book about it!**

My next site is for the recovering compulsive gamblers. ~~ http://www.sfcghub.com ~ *Safe Harbor Compulsive Gambling Hub* SO, here you will find a Live 24/7 chat room, On-line 12-step meetings, (non-traditional) a posting board to read & post what your feeling and meet other recovering gamblers, a fantastic *Recovery Resources Room* and on there you will see a list for the *Top Compulsive Gambling Recovery Sites* You will find listings of FREE Gambling treatment & therapy be addiction specialists at www.GamblingTherapy.org there’s Relapse Prevention, a whole bunch of information & websites listed here to help you enter, and stay in Recovery! I go and post a lot, as Cathy L. AND, you’ll find my Book link there as well for purchase.

There are SO MANY really good informational websites out there on addiction and recovery, and many are posted here on my blog on my permanent “PAGES” listed as *Recovery Resource Sites* for your quik access. I’m currently working on 2 book projects, one is going to be my follow up book to “Addicted to Dimes,” and will be more on a Lighter & Humorous Note! I’m always doing research for my books, so as I come across new recovery sites I feel will help us in recovery, I will sure add them here, and pass them on to all of you!

*I posed the question in my title of this post~~ “How much JOY do you have 2 B free of YOUR Addiction”??…..For my own answer, I know the *FREEDOM* I enjoy today from being released of Bondage from my addicted gambling is short of a Miracle!!

I say this because at the lowest point in my Life within my addiction, I came out of an addictions/mental crisis center after a 12 day stay, the 1st 4 days on suicide watch, then went to jail to be booked, processed, then released, then all my court dates met, and the day of Reckoning, ~ my Sentencing date… **Jan, 29th 2006** which is my DATE I use for my recovery date. Even though I hadn’t been gambling at that point, I use this date so I NEVER GET Complacent in my recovery. I was sentenced that day to 30 days in jail, to many hours of community service to count, 2yrs probation, and HUGE restitution I’m still paying on.

I was charged with a felony theft, identity theft, and forgery…….THAT was almost the lowest point of my LIFE! I remember hearing the old whispers in my ear of my Mother saying, “see, I told you…your nothing but a Liar and Thief Catherine”……as the judge read off what I was sentenced for my crimes. I made my “Reality” come true, all those years of my parents telling me I was a liar, cheat and a dishonest person, and even though it was Never True, after you have been verbally told something “Negative” year after year, you start to believe it. And as the Judge read my sentence, I thought to myself, “Well mom, there you go, I guess you and dad were right.”…….BUT in my Heart though I knew it wasn’t true.


I worked hard, at times 2 jobs at a time to take care of myself, and not have to depend on no one, to PROVE to my parents they were wrong about me. I worked in Banking & Lending 19+yrs, and never stole a PENNY!! BUT, Once gambling addiction got me in BONDAGE??……MY LIFE WAS GONE!!

That was then. Today, I do enjoy the *Recovery Fruits* of my labor of working a Good, Clean, Honest recovery every single day. Being there for others who are still in bondage of gambling addiction is my life today. My Higher Power GRAB the back of my hospital gown, and pulled me back from that edge of complete “Darkness: in which I was half way over, and told me that MY PURPOSE on this Earth had not been FULFILLED YET!……So, here I am today, writing, and spilling out all my *Dirty Little Secrets* to you All.

IS this my true calling?? I don’t know. All I know is it makes my Heart & Soul feel much better when I share what I have learned in my own recovery, and pass it to others, and pray that maybe a person who is at THAT EDGE reads this and knows THEY ARE NOT ALONE………
***Please check out my Recovery Resource Page & Sites for good, sound recovery help****  God Bless you all Today, and everyday!, *Author, Catherine Lyon* *

PS>*MR. ROB SWIHART>>I Nominated your website FOR THE SHINE ON AWARD* But YOUR  SITE won’t let me “Leave a Comment*???? **HAPPY FATHER’S DAY ROB!!**** 🙂

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