*Have U Seen My Useful *Recovery Resource Page Yet?*

Hello Friends & Follower’s and Visitors,

I thought I would have my *Recovery Resources Page* as my Todays Blog Post, as it lists Many Recovery Support websites, Blogs, and Options for all types of Addiction and Recovery Help.

It is listed as a Permanent Page, along with a *Relapse Prevention Guide* permanent page I happen to use A LOT!! I hope you’ll find these sites Helpful in your Recovery as well!! *Have a Great Day & Blessings! *Catherine Lyon*



Here is a Recovery Resource Page for all to use & share for Support, Treatment, Therapy, and some resources are FREE! Some are for addicted/problem gambling, which I’m recovering. And some are for all TYPES of addictions. You see, we may have different types of addictions, most of the time the “Habits, Behaviors, and “Cycle” of addiction can be the same. So these are just some helpful Sites & Links for information. *They are in no order.*…..

First is my friend, and DBT Specialist, Linda Hoenigsberg, she can help with Behavioral problems, which are common with addicted compulsive gambling. Her site is www.lindahoenigsberg.com

My good friend, and Author, Marilyn Lancelot at  http://www.femalegamblers.info  & her book: www.Grippedbygambling.com  A New Gambling Recovery Site for help & Info http://KnowTheOdds.org/  Is, even though they are in New York, there’s GOOD helpful info there. Also  www.everythingaddiction.com  & www.myaddiction.com For NA Help:  www.Joy2Bfree.com  www.IntheRooms.com  For FREE TREATMENT: www.GamblingTherapy.org  www.GamblersAnonymous.org   This Awesome Support site has a New Recovery Newspaper in which I’m a writer for, and my Article are Every Thursday at: www.SocialRecoveryNet.com  My great  friend *ROB* at:  http://AskRecoveryRob.com  has excellent information, and you can ask any recovery questions and he’ll answer all of them, (AND he is a fantastic writer as WELL)  ** 4 Inspiration www.Soulseeds.com Is the place to BE!  This AWESOME Site  www.JewinJail.com is my good friend *Gary Goldstein’s* new Blog site at: http://gman18.wordpress.com he had to battle & recover from 3 addictions!

*Relapse Prevention* IS SO IMPORTANT in our Recovery, so check out: http://www.Relapse.org  My friend *TRISH* shares her Journey as a Mom who have kids with addictions, and writes about her it on her Blog, which I APPRECIATE and it helps Many Parents to understand!!  www.RecoveryforFamilies.blogspot.com  A couple more Good websites here are: http://treatmenttalk.org   www.ProblemGamblingGuide.com

http://DancingPalmTrees.com &  http://AcallToWitness.com Is my friend & recovery sister *Deborah’s* helpful websites!   www.AddictionToday.org  A couple New sites I’ve come across recently are: www.SamSkolnik.com  he has a  book out, & http://lastchanceintervention.org  Here are 2 more GOOD websites that are  NEW to me and wanted to share,  http://www.knowtheodds.org  is for those of us, like myself who need all the Help we can get for Problem Gambling….

**NOW,  We know that “Compulsive gambling addiction comes with many Emotional Symptoms, so my next helpful website is a Must for *Therapy Service*  by *JOHN TAYLOR, R.C.C.  He helps in area’s of: Traumatic events, Stress & Anxiety,  Relationships, Depression, and more At:  http://izumitherapy.com

*MY Next website is *Special* to Substance Abuse, and geared for Gay, Lesbian, Transgender Community who need Understanding & help with addiction at: http://www.New-Hope-Recovery.us/center/ You can still Visit my Previous Blog Home: www.Simplesite.com/CatherineLyonAddictedtoDimes *For Recovery Reads*~~See my GoodReads  books list here on my Blog here. *If you have a Recovery Website or Book, please Email Me at tomcatt59@yahoo.com & I will be happy to add your site to This Very Helpful Recovery Resource Page! **Bless you on your Life & Recovery Journey.**

 ** Photo VIA~~JOHN TAYLOR’S Website**

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