*Recovery Spotlight on Life Balance*~~Part 2~~*Meet My Friend Peter*

AS PART 2 OF MY BLOG SPOTLIGHT OF *Life Balance*  here is a UNIQUE BLOG BY MY GOOD FRIEND PETER~(Piotr) GRZYWACZ….YES, by his name he is from Poland originally, and now lives in Toronto, Canada.
I asked him to tell me a little about his blog at: http://piotrgrzywacz1.blogspot.ca
and here in his own Words is how he explained what his blog is about:

“Our Site is Magical place of Wisdom and Healing. Run by Artists for all that wish to have quality time and relax from turmoil of daily life.
It is Pure Land of Love and Compassion. It touches different aspects of daily life and enrich them with beauty and inner understanding. Power of Our Site is that treat all human as equal and unique as they are in the Eyes of Higher Consciousness.”

Please Visit Our Site and enjoy all hard work that we are doing to bring everybody to the state of Omniscience.
Please Click Below and start you personal journey into land of Amazing!
Our Site -> Click Here  **HERE IS A LITTLE ABOUT PETER**

About me

Gender Male
Occupation writer-journalist
Location Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Introduction In case of introducing myself – please read my story on here named – Who am I ? Thank you. Peter
Interests All what comes with kindness and beauty – Woman!
Favorite Movies Good movies. All good movies. Passion of the Christ, The last temptation of the Christ, Little Buddha, Matrix, Gandhi, Battleship Potemkin, Violinist, Fiddler on the roof, Last tango in Paris, Cabaret, Grease, Most movies with Alain Delon, Bergman, Fellini, Woody Allen. Hair.
Favorite Music 60-70-80-90-00 – Adel Piaf, Anna German, Cohen, U2, Police, Pink Floyd, Miles Davis. Spiritual music of Tibet. Folk. Tango. Blues. Presley. Lennon.  Jazz and Classical music the most.
Favorite Books Joseph Conrad, Karol Wojtyla, Czeslaw Milosz, Edward Stachura, William Faulkner, William Shakespeare Alexander Dumas, Federico García Lorca, Ernest Hemingway, T.S. Eliot, Van Gogh.

Place where your journey into world of dream should start. This is Mother site if you know Mother you have a key to whole kingdom. First appearance – testing period.

How to use this site.

ATTENTION PLEASE: here is a new feature on this site. Whatever new will happen here during  the week you will find here. All the news from the site in one place!  Please Check that out first. Thanks
Wherever you will go here, always first check Home. Please press the icon with  the name “Home” first to learn how to enjoy fully this place.
Thank you.

In the right top corner you have a list of subjects.

If you will like any of the topic listed there you should press the one you choose.
It will lead you to the page where we  have gathered materials about each topic like: photos, articles and  videos etc. Each page will have father very clear and very simple  explanation how to use it and how to become interactive with whole system if you would like to do that.
If you will like what you will find on the particular page and you will wish to explore more in the bottom of  each page you will have another link that will lead you to another page  with more interactive features, more fun and more wisdom. You will be  able to explore higher and higher levels of whole system and choose what you like and as much as you like.
There will be some surprises there for you too. All kinds of gifts and bonuses – something very real that can  be use by you in your real life and benefit you and something just what  can be only useful in this cyber space. Longer you will interact with  the site much more you will gain every day.
That is just brief idea and needs a lot of work. However I am moving quickly to realize it.
I hope you will enjoy this site and have a lot of fun.
All the best for you.
Creator PG: ***HERE ARE THE PAGES TO CHOOSE FROM~~Always start from HOME**


GOD BLESS ALL!! *Author, Catherine Lyon* 🙂 🙂

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