*Remember….I’m a Writer and an Author…Come visit my New Book/Author Blog

Hello Recovery friends, Bloggers, Followers, and Visitors, 

Just a little note to let you know about my New Book Blog, which is up, re-vamped, ready for visits, and has a couple New Features! Some features are….
.A “Weekly Guest Blogger”, and 2 “Monthly Book Picks,” which are located right under *Welcome & Meet The Author*

I had SO many compliments on the *Look* of my blog, many said they felt the feeling like they were relaxed, &  going for a walk in the forest,  so that I kept the same background and music. The Blog now is all about Me, My book, ALL my Talented friends, some Social Media Marketing advice & tips, Publishing tips, and I will *Spotlight* many other Blogs, Helpful websites, Publishers, and much more……

So please come by, Relax, Read a little and *ENJOY*!
You can visit my New Revamped Blog at: http://www.Simplesite.com/CatherineLyonAddictedToDimes/

And it will be moving soon to WordPress!! So I’ll keep you all posted on the move!
If you or someone you know should be featured as a Guest Blogger, or their book should be listed on my Blog,  *Please send me an Email at: tomcatt59@yahoo.com anytime for consideration……
May God Bless you and Thanks for your continued Support in my Recovery Journey…..

Warm Regards, Author *Catherine Townsend-Lyon*

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