Another Fabulous Blog Award ~~ YES…you can be Fabulous in Recovery!


I have decided to TURN my AWARDS POST into an NEW Awards Page….WHY?
Because my Awesome Pals keep showing me LUV and Nominating me for More of them. I’m SO Blessed and Humbled by all The Awards & Nominations I receive.

WHY?…It makes me feel GOOD that others really are interested in what I Blog about, which at times can be DULL Subject Matter to read. I TRY  to put some humor into where I can, but I missed COMEDY SCHOOL!!

I do find that MYSELF, and Many others FEEL, the only way to *SHATTER the STIGMA* around others who suffer from ANY type of Addiction, or being a person in Recovery, And/Or,  someone who BATTLES ANY type of Mental and Emotional illness, or Disorder is to SPEAK OUT about these ISSUE’S!  SO I take these Awards Seriously. So I have a permanent page for All My *FABULOUS* Blog Awards!  And I’ve been Nominated AGAIN for Another,……. so Hang on to your HATS!!

**My Fabulous Blog Awards ~~ YES…you can be Fabulous in Recovery!**

**HERE is my Newest Blogger Award Nomination**

Well, even with all the *DRAMA OF EVICTION* going on around me……I try to still Help, Encourage, Reach-out, and still *Spread *HOPE* to others who may be still stuck on the *CYCLE* of Addicted Gambling, or ANY type of Addiction. I’ve been Posting of my own *Life Challenges* going on in my Life, and the ONLY thing that keeps me Grounded, and filled with Hope & Joy is to be of Recovery Service to others NO MATTER WHAT!

AND……A very Kind follower of my Blog has NOMINATED me for *The Inner Peace Award* I love HER Blog as well.  ANNA always Shows Courage, and helps MANY with her Sharing of her True Inner feelings of *HOPE* as well, and is not SHY about Speaking OUT and Speaking Up of Recovery, Mental health & many other disorders I, and others Suffer on a Daily Basis…….Please Meet Anna and Her Blog, “ROSE WITH THORNS~~Recovery HOPE for ALL”…….SO I THANK YOU ANNA from my Heart To Yours for My Nomination!!


silhouette of girl standing with her arms open to the sun

Opening My Heart to Hope

Aspergian, depressed, anxious, anorexic, past compulsive over-eater, PTSD sufferer, SIB inflictor, allergy sensitive, sleep struggler: I have had many labels placed on my in my life.  However, as a college student, I am finally beginning to see a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel.

My name is Anna Rose and the purpose of this blog is to help support and give hope to all of those struggling with any mental illness, learning disability, and hardship.  Also, those who support family or friends dealing with these issues can gain insight and ideas for caring for loved ones.

At my baptism  my mother brought a rose.  The priest told her that it was good that she brought “a real rose with thorns” because my life would be “beautiful but full of pain.”  Those words to a baby he barely knew have certainly come true.  Because of this as well as my name, roses have become an important symbol of my life and struggles.

Overall, this site is for everyone and everyone who needs a ray of light in the dark, understanding voice, and non- judgmental encouragement giver.

If you so choose, you can also follow me on these other sites.


1.) There is ONLY ONE RULE TO THIS AWARD!!….LOL…Nominate as Many Awesome Blogs you’d like that bring your Inner Peace, Hope, and Courage, as YOU pass it to others!…….HERE ARE ALL MY BLOGS & WEBSITE I NOMINATED……..
Inner Peace Award


**Lets Always remember what the good doctor Says, “You were not born to JUST fit in, You were born to Stand Out”!!** Dr. Seuss

ALL OF my nominated Blogs & Websites are very Worthy of this award. The Truly help bring INNER PEACE to me in one way, and they Inspire ME in my Recovery!!
SO go pay them a Visit and tell them Catherine sent you……. 🙂 🙂
**To see all my Nominations for Awards, check out *MY Fabulous Blog Awards Page**
May God Bless You My Friends!  *Author, Catherine Lyon* 🙂


12 thoughts on “Another Fabulous Blog Award ~~ YES…you can be Fabulous in Recovery!

  1. Catherine,i feel a bit embarrassed as this is my first nomination,where do i write me list of blogs that have made me feel at peace,and been so inspiring for me, so sorry just a bit confused,I would love to write my list and how do i inform them,again i apologize,a newbie on the block,im learning as i go.much love cat..thank you sweetheart..cher


    • No Problem Cheri. ALL you do is go to my Post that has the award, you can copy & paste it on your website on a post or page of your, then just delete the each blog I have listed and type in your own who you want to nominate. Then when your all done, Notify each person by how ever you want to let them know you Nominated then and have a link posted of your blog so then they can go do the same. Then you’ll come and post YOUR LINK IN MY COMMENTS on the the award Page for a SHARE/Pingback so you and I will get some new Peeps to see our Blogs 🙂 THE ONLY RULE to the INNER PEACE AWARD is to Thank your nominator (PingBack) and Nominate How ever many blogs or Websited Inspire and give you peace that’s it. USE MY AWARD PAGE AS A GUIDE 🙂 Catherine 🙂


  2. Catherine,iam speechless,humbled and completely in shock,i cannot express my gratitude enough,i never felt i was on any level deserving of an award,a nomination is such a wonderful blessing itself. I will be writing more,as yesterday i just became MIMI for the first time, so i was only writing twice a month as,i was taking care of cheyenne my daughter having a very hard pregnancy. Please welcome LAYLA RAE,BORN AUG 15,2013 3:39 PM 7LBS 19 INCHES LONG,HONEYBLONDE HAIR BLUE EYES. i will follow the rules and nominate wonderful writers,godbless you my friend .oh,my daughter is doing fine,only 12 hr labor pushed for 7 minutes and she arrived healthy. Much love -cheri


    • WELCOME LAYLA RAE!!….MY LUV & HUGS to the new Little and you ALL!! *I’m WAVING!! 🙂 🙂
      BIG CONGRATS to You and MOMMY!!

      And your very Welcome, your very deserving!! I look forward to your New Posts!! 🙂 ❤ ❤
      *Catherine Lyon*


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