DEAR Diary, Today I….(Page 3) *My Life Changes*

DEAR Diary,

TODAY I……… spent doing a little of everything.
Many phone calls on Airlines and prices, Rental cars and prices as which way to go to Arizona will be the least cost.
Then calling all to cancel service on what seems like a Kazillion things! YUK!
Gas, power, phone, trash, internet service, sattilite  service and More!! In between packing up what is left of our life. Finally found a storage unit here in Oregon as we decided to keep are stuff here, because we ARE COMING BACK…..I will with or without a husband!!…LOL….I’ve been listening to the 80’s station on the TV and man TIMES were much more FUN and easy going back then. And I was a hell of a lot YOUNGER TOO!!….LOL…..

SO…..THEN We thought we had a new home for one of our 2 Cats, a couple took Mr. Buttons, our male that’s 9 years old. We took him out to his Hopeful New Home Monday morning, but by 10pm the couple called and said they didn’t think it’s going to work out, that he was still hiding????……I told her it may take a couple days for him to warm up to them since we have had him so long, but out my hubby went to go pick him up!! ONE positive though….Is our landlord was nice and is letting us stay through next Friday so we won’t have the cost of staying in Motel for a week before we leave Oregon on Sept 6th……..

SO now I need to put another ad in the paper for both the cats again tomorrow.
My moods from my Bipolar have been UP and DOWN, I keep telling Tom I’m sorry for being so emotional, but I know it’s just all the added stress that is effecting me. I’ve only had 1 Panic attack, and that was on Monday after we got home from taking Buttons out to that couples home.

Then yesterday and today it was back with the down Depression and Agoraphobia, not leaving the house, as Monday was the 1st I’ve been out of the house in Weeks!  Also the fear of people coming to the front door, which has really been bothering me a lot, I just don’t know why????  I have been going to bed early to get good, proper, Sleep as it seems to help keep my Anxiety level not so high. So tomorrow is another day, who knows what it will bring, but I pray each night for the lord to see me through another day with a WEE BIT of Peace and Serenity…..

**SO this is how I feel sometimes!!…LOL….THE BIG DOGS ARE PICKING ON ME!!**
Here is an interesting Article I read in my NAMI –National Alliance on Mental Illness News Letter Today…….

New research published this June in the Journal of Neuroscience suggests that the lack of sleep commonly associated with anxiety disorders may actually exacerbate symptoms of worrying. Results from the study strongly support the theory that sleep loss triggers the excessive anticipatory brain activity associated with anxiety, indicating that maintaining a healthy sleep pattern can help alleviate symptoms of anxiousness.

While past research has shown that people with anxiety disorders tend to show hyperactivity in two major emotional brain regions known as the amygdala and anterior insula cortex, researchers from the present study were the first to establish a pattern of causation by directly testing the impact of sleep deprivation on anticipatory brain responses preceding emotionally salient events.

The study conducted at the University of California, Berkeley examined the brains of 18 healthy adults, once while sleep-deprived and again while well-rested. Researchers used fMRI scans to monitor brain activity while participants viewed a series of either neutral or disturbing images. Prior to viewing the images, participants were primed with visual cues intended to trigger anticipatory anxiety. The cues depicted a red minus sign to warn for unpleasant images, a yellow circle to warn for neutral images or an ambiguous white question mark intended to provoke feelings of more intense anticipation in viewers.

The fMRI scans revealed that when participants were sleep deprived, they showed heightened activity in the emotional brain regions of the amygdala and insula cortex. Furthermore, for the participants who were already prone to experiencing anxiety, results were even more intensified— as those with the highest levels of trait anxiety showed the greatest increase in anticipatory insula activity when sleep deprived. These scans demonstrate that sleep disruption may aggravate anxiousness due to the impact of sleep loss on anticipatory brain function.

The results from this study are particularly useful for those living with anxiety disorders including panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder, as they are especially sensitive to the effects of sleep deprivation.  As head researcher Matthew Walker said, “These findings help us realize that those people who are anxious by nature are the same people who will suffer the greatest harm from sleep deprivation.”

Moreover, the findings have strong therapeutic implications, showing that sleep restoration may be beneficial in relieving symptoms of worrying for those living with anxiety disorders and highly anxious individuals alike. “By restoring good quality sleep in people suffering from anxiety, we may be able to help ameliorate their excessive worry and disabling fearful expectations,” Walker said. Since those living with anxiety disorders commonly experience co-occurring sleep abnormalities, researchers from this study strongly believe that sleep therapy is a practical treatment option.

“This discovery ultimately illustrates how important sleep is to our mental health,” said Walker. “It also emphasizes the intimate relationship between sleep and psychiatric disorders, both from a cause and a treatment perspective.” In short, those who are either living with an anxiety disorder or simply prone to experiencing anxiety on a regular basis should maintain a healthy sleep pattern in order to help manage symptoms of worrying.

One thought on “DEAR Diary, Today I….(Page 3) *My Life Changes*

  1. Thanks for all the great info. I too suffer from depression, anxiety, epilepsy and sleep apnea. Both stress and sleep deprivation I believe are interconnected. I continually remind myself of two critical things..worrying is sooo such a waste of my energy, time and definetly keeps me from ~Living In The Moment. Stress can manifest in so many areas in my life not only emotionally but both physically and spiritually. You know…STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS!! Give yourself a break and know that by doing these little things we are not only helping our body, mind and spirit but even just as important for me maybe more than anything is the fact that when I take care of myself it is another step on the rung of the ladder in learning to LOVING MYSELF!! Take heart my dear and keep on “trusting in the process and believing in the progress”. Big HUGZS, jen


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