Don’t Try Suicide!

*SUICIDE* Can be a touchy Topic for many, but this Blog Post of my friend Cassie, a connection & Super Fan for The Dr. Phil Show, has an interesting take & story of her Own.



THANKS Cassie for Sharing this Message! As we both know how we as people can get to the bottom of the VOID, Blackness, nothingness, and no matter how a person gets there, it is not a good place to be. We all take different paths & journey’s in this thing called life, but when your NOT STRONG enough, beaten so far down that the only thing in life that looks good, is to not be on earth any longer……it’s not from just giving up, nor is it feeling a like a victim, or even being a coward…….IT’s about the life long battles some are just not strong enough to fight on their own.

There are so many things in the world today, our society we live in, the things WE have NO control over that can happen to us maybe as a child or teen, or as adults we may suffer from different issues like addiction or Mental illness, or a LIFE changing event happens, a car accident or loss of a child, there are SO many things that can bring a Burden to carry that is JUST TO HEAVY to Bare, that we are not prepared to handle, so we start to consider we’d be better off dead than alive.

We truly won’t know why or how a person gets to this point until we get to Heaven–the other side, to talk with those who were successful of their Suicide to REALLY HAVE the Understanding of WHY,……..That’s just how I feel about this Issue.

Myself having 2 failed attempts, I know I was at my Lowest point in Life and I was SO TIRED of fighting all that Life and the LORD was sending my way. It really is hard to put into words. ALL I know is the Lord saved me for a Reason and a Purpose….and that is my Life Long Mission, is to help others with Addiction, Recovery, Mental & Emotional health, issues around Suicide…….and WHY it is not the Answer. That is what I try to do everyday I’m still breathing so no one else has to choose Suicide as AN OPTION……….Catherine :-)

Author, Catherine Lyon


2 thoughts on “Don’t Try Suicide!

    • Yes SIR!
      I’m blessed that the lord was looking out for me…..and used a negative to show mw my true PURPOSE in Life! I’m here to help others…to give them support, encouragement, and lead by example. When it also comes to addicted Gambling or any addiction or Mental health issue’s….DEATH is not an OPTION…

      Thanks for coming by and for your Friendship! xxoo *Catherine* 🙂


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