“Just Call On Me when your not Strong”……

Have you ever heard the old song by Bill Withers, “Lean on me”? Well, when you really listen to the words of this song as it pertains to Recovery, it has some excellent advice.
I happen to hear it yesterday, and along with a friend of mine’s Blog Post, it reinforced what I share as some GOOD ADVICE on a Tool I used often to prevent a relapse in my own early recovery. When we first enter Recovery, you seem to be go through phase’s, and one is dealing with *Triggers & Urges* all the time.

There are many tools and skills you will learn in treatment and 12-Step meetings that will help ease these symptoms as you gain recovery time. One fact of recovery is a big percentage of people will Relapse in the first 90 days of coming out of Treatment, Rehab, Etc, Etc….

THE MAIN REASON?……They don’t USE what they have LEARNED.
I have taught those who I Sponsor how to make a Phone List Plan, and to USE IT when
you feel urges and or you get triggered in Recovery. And, Sorry GUYS, but you’re the WORST offenders of not using your Phone List.

“Lean on me, when you’re not strong, and I’ll be your friend, I help YOU CARRY ON”
(Song: by Bill Withers)

See, when I was still employed at the last bank I worked for, I had to travel a little.
So I can’t count HOW MANY times my Phone Plan Saved me from a Relapse. There are Indian Casino’s everywhere and Lottery/Video poker machines all over, (my addiction was compulsive gambling) so I always had my phone list with me at all times.
I’m sure you’re wondering, “What is this Phone Plan”?
It is a list of Phone numbers with Support people you can call when you feel Urges or Triggers to Use. When you call someone BEFORE YOU USE….
Most ALWAYS you can talk and the urge or trigger will subside while you’re talking and sharing WHY you felt then NEED to use.

It really does WORK! Of course there are much more to apply to keep you Safe in recovery from Relapse, but this ONE ACT and really help you stay on course. And, yes
It can also be a “Miracle” as well. Here is a ReBlog share from my good friend Aaron
who has a blog called, “Christian Recovery” and how HIS PHONE LIST became a Miracle
for him. I encourage you to visit his blog at: http://christain-recovery.com  🙂 🙂


Hi, my name is Aaron Emerson.  I am a recovering heroin addict who is called by God to use my experience to help others.  I live in the Lansing, Michigan area and I am clean from drugs and alcohol just for today.  I blog about my recovery, God,  addiction and anything else I feel like.  If I can just help or inspire one person to get clean than I will feel like I fulfilled my purpose.  If I can stay clean than you can too.

The Miracle Happens

I want to write a short post about a huge subject for me.  It’s about miracles.  They happen if you believe them and want them.

I always used to hear people in recovery say that when you feel like getting high, if you call another person in recovery and talk about your feelings, the urge to use drugs will eventually pass.  I never believed them.  Well, not that I didn’t believe them but, I didn’t want to believe them.  There is a huge difference.

I didn’t want to quit using drugs for years but I was introduced to Narcotics Anonymous and treatment facilities during my using times.  I was forced to attend various meetings and rehab through the court system and, also, to please my parents.  I was in places that I could have got my life together, but I simply didn’t want to quit getting high.  These places used to drill in my head to call a person in recovery when I felt cravings.  They told me a miracle will happen.  I would just say in my head, “Bullcrap.”

I want to share something that happened to me yesterday.  I have been clean for a little over four months now.  I finally got desperate to change my life around and get clean so I started going to NA meetings.  I got a sponsor.  I have been using the tools that have been offered to me.  When I feel like using, I do what I learned to do a while ago but never followed up on. I follow-up on it now.  I feel like getting high, I pick up the phone and call my sponsor.

He talks me through it and helps me make a wise decision.  Yesterday, though, I was mowing lawn and it was the first day that it was cold.  A thought popped up in my head.  I flashed back to last winter when I would be walking around the streets of Lansing, waiting to pick up some dope.  I would be freezing my butt off, pacing, waiting, desperate.  Then I would hook up with my dealer and….you know….fix up.  Instant warmth.  Instant euphoria.  Out in the cold streets but warm and rushing on the inside.  I flashed back to that instant gratification.  The instant hit of pleasure.  Like a magical blanket.

As soon as I thought about that scenario I dialed my sponsor’s number.  He didn’t answer so I called another huge influence in my life that is also in recovery. She told me she could relate to what I’m feeling and she helped me think through my crazy thoughts. She flat-out helped me. Then A MIRACLE HAPPENED!, My bad thoughts and feelings just passed.  I got off the phone and prayed.  I felt better.  Talk about instant gratification.  It is a flat-out miracle.  That’s it, a miracle.  It happened!

In the last four months I have been through this quite a bit where I call someone in recovery when I get cravings.  This time really stuck out, though.  Maybe it was because the first person I called was busy so I called another person right after?  I really don’t know, but this situation was a huge boost of confidence.  It gave me assurance that God is always with me and that HE is working in my life.  It also let me know how blessed I am to have such a good support system.  It is a must if you are in the recovery process to have people who you can talk to about your problems and cravings.  You have to be able to get outside yourself and have people who want to help you.   You can’t do this alone!

The good thing is, though, that it is possible!  If you want to quit and stay clean you can.  If I can do it, trust me, so can you.  Miracles happen if you let them.  The desire to use drugs will pass if you want it to.  Even if you feel like using, call someone, and you won’t feel like it anymore.  If you do, just keep on praying and call someone else and it will.  It works.  This really works and I wish I could tell the world.  I wish I could tell every person that is struggling, “If you want to quit then you can.  It may not seem like it, but if you sincerely want to, YOU CAN.”  YOU REALLY CAN….BY: Aaron Emerson

Discover Bill Withers

Genres: R&B / Soul

 “Just call on me brother when you need a hand, we all need somebody to Lean
On. I just might have a problem you’ll understand, we all need somebody to lean
on…” “Just Call Me”…..

BY: Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon
Re-blog credit to “Aaron Emerson” http://christian-recovery.com



6 thoughts on ““Just Call On Me when your not Strong”……

      I ‘m Honored, and so very blessed to have met you and call you “Friend”…..God Bless & Hugs! *Catherine* 🙂 ❤


    • Your VERY Welcome Aaron!
      I’m blessed as well to have met you TOO! Your going to do Good things for others in your Recovery.
      God Bless, Cat 🙂 “-)


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