Am I Really a Recovery Expert on Addicted Gambling?

Hello Recovery Friends and New Seeker’s,

I’m SO humbled and excited to *SHARE* that I was a few months back, invited to be a “Guest Expert Blogger” under “Gambling Addiction” on the Awesome website of Founder and Popular Recovery Author, Cate Stevens …..No not Disneyland, I said “Addictionland”.

About Addictionland

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Addictionland welcomes all types of addicts, professionals, therapeutic resources and recovery paths.  Addictionland’s main purpose is to offer its members a place to blog/discuss on any topic on their mind without facing judgment or unwanted personal exposure.  Addictionland is a place to share secrets, express pain, ask questions, seek solutions and connect with other recovering people and/or professionals.

Use Addictionland’s blog or discussion boards to identify the haunting thoughts which hold you back from the life you want.  A miracle of healing is experienced when the truth comes to light.  I know this because for years I suffered in silence from multiple life-threatening addictions. The  stigma of addiction prevented me from speaking honestly and asking for help. I wanted to change my life, but I didn’t have the education on my disease that A&E’s Intervention or the Internet provides.

It took a drug and alcohol-induced seizure to convince me I couldn’t beat my addiction alone.  I credit my personal transformation to the community of people I met in the rooms who led me by example, and to the array of outside professionals (therapists, coaches, advisors) who offered me additional forms of treatment.

Today, I have over a decade of rock solid recovery and I enjoy my life as a mother, wife, friend, and co-worker/volunteer. I never imagined how my life experience would benefit the life of other addicts or their families. You, too, have experience, strength and hope that can change the lives of many people, including your own. Let Addictionland be your bridge to freedom and insight.  From the bottom of my heart, I hope to hear from you soon and I thank you for your contribution.

*I’d become a member (which is free) quite some time ago, and was pretty Shocked, and HONORED when I received a Nice Email from *Cate* inviting me to be her *Guest Expert Blogger* on Gambling Addiction on her site. She found and read my book, “Addicted To Dimes’,(Confessions of A Liar and A Cheat), from Amazon…..  Now in eBook for Kindle!
I would have never known that she read my book without the Invite. Then……Panic set in!
I started to question myself.

Am I really an expert on *Compulsive Addicted Gambling* just because I wrote a book about my Life with my own Gambling Addiction, Experience’s, and Recovery?
I’m not a celebrity, not famous, nor rich,…..I’m just a regular gal who happen to read a story of a another woman who committed suicide because she couldn’t Stop Gambling. That is was what she wrote on her suicide note…..

So I started thinking, that WAS almost ME! That could have been me. Reading that newspaper article lit a fire within my SOUL, and I just started writing my feelings of what I went through with my OWN Compulsive Gambling Addiction. My intention wasn’t writing a book, it was just NEEDING to SEE ALL that I did,  all that I’d been through with my own cunning illness. How my past transformed and manifested inside me, and just added fuel & feelings of entitlement  to the CHOICE’S I made to gamble. It was ME, Choice’s, and the Disease of the mind that takes over when you enter that HELL of Addicted Gambling……

It had turned me into a person I didn’t know, I allowed the weakness to invade my soul, to which I was Blaming all but myself for what I was doing, and in severe denial. I just happen to have a friend who would NOT stand for my Story not to be read, and wanted my voice in words to be heard…….Yes….my publisher Steve Laible of ……..

And so….my book was born, was given a voice, and I HOPE is helping others who still suffer from ANY CYCLE of ANY Addiction.
That is why, again….I’m very Honored and Humbled to be a part of *

Catherine Townsend-Lyon: October Expert

Catherine Townsend-Lyon. As a first-time author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon lives her Life in Recovery, But her passion & mission as a recovery writer and blogger, is to help others who still suffer from this cunning disease of “Addicted Compulsive Gambling.” Read Catherine’s Blog


**So I hope you will come by, learn, read, Explore this awesome Recovery Website! AND….Becoming a Member is Free, and I could use some Recovery Support from all my friends in VISITS! 🙂

There is a lot of Good Information here. Even if you’re not in Recovery, supporting all the Recovery Experts here, we hope others to be educated and informed on just how difficult it is for us who are, to hopefully have more Compassion for those who struggle. Your encouraged to ASK THE EXPERTS questions as well. SO,…..Am I Recovery Expert? I think I’ll let all of YOU decide*……

God Bless Friends,
Author Catherine Townsend-Lyon




2 thoughts on “Am I Really a Recovery Expert on Addicted Gambling?

    • Thanks for coming by! Well, many say THE FIRST STEP in Recovery is admitting to ourselves
      that we have a problem!! That is with ANY Addiction. I Hope you’ll stop by
      and read my Recovery Blog. I’m *The Guest Blogger* for the Month of October! I’ll be blogging about my Own Addicted Gambling experience. Even having almost 7yrs away from the *BET*…..I’ll always be *ONE BET AWAY* from Devastation!
      God Bless, *Author Catherine Townsend-Lyon* 🙂


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