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Hello Recovery Friends, Readers, and Seekers,

When you become a Published Author, I didn’t really have a grip on all that is involved with having to “PROMOTE” yourself and your writing! My book came to me, I FEEL through a lot of De-vine Intervention, being at the right place at the right time. Meeting and knowing people who “Cared” enough about my “Recovery” from addicted gambling, and have supported the message within my pages. I had a friend/my publisher who read my Note Books that happened to turn into a book manuscript by “CHANCE”……

My publisher Steve Laible said to me one day after reading my *Scribbles,* that my “VOICE” & Story needed to be heard & read, and out in the world to help others who were not ONLY addicted gamblers, but who have been through what I had been as a *Little Girl*…….
So he talked me into letting him publish my book. It has been a long, but AWESOME year since my book came out in paperback, and then, just Released as eBook through Amazon.com for Kindle readers this past summer.

The biggest *JOY* is all the Social Media marketing I do to get the word out that others CAN RECOVER from this Cunning addiction. The other is meeting New Friends on many of the social sites I visit! I have met the *Kindest, Generous, and Supportive* people on sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, About.me, and many Recovery Websites I have to help keep me on track in my own recovery!

So I wanted to TELL you about a Great GUY I’ve met through Twitter. As part of my recovery service to others, I like being able to FIND & SHARE these websites with all my friends & followers here who can benefit from the information found, and solid support as we do learn from others addiction & recovery stories no matter the type of *DEMON*.

Here is my friend *PAUL GARRIGAN*, and his wonderful website at: http://paulgarrigan.com His story really touched my heart, and is SO WORTH the time to visit and learn from his own Recovery.


Life, Health, and Addiction Recovery in Thailand

What is This All About?

I am an ex-drunk who found that living sober is better than anything I could ever have imagined. I’m originally from Ireland but now live in Thailand  –  a wonderful place to be free of addiction. I like to talk about recovery in the hope that it will inspire other people but mostly because I just like to talk. Join me on this wonderful journey and see where it takes us.

**PAUL IS A GREAT WRITER, and has a couple of books under his belt! Did I tell you he lives in Thailand with his beautiful family??~~ And yes, I’ve added his books to my Goodreads Book shelves!**

*Here is a little more about Paul*……

“I once believed that the solution to all life’s problems could be found in alcohol. I was forced to give up this crazy idea and my life took off from there. I now live in Thailand with my beautiful wife and son. I work full-time as a freelance writer with a particular passion for writing about addiction. Life away from the booze has brought me so much joy; I have also learnt to cope with the bad times. I hope that my sober adventures will inspire other people. In May 2010 my book ‘Dead Drunk’ was released by Maverick House.”

Image of Paul Garrigan
 **Here is a sample post on Paul’s website, which says a lot about himself, he has a sense of humor, and shows his website is deserving of many Visitors! It is one of my “FAV” posts!**

October 24, 2013 by

This is one of those posts where I’m going to feel nervous before hitting the publish button. It is wise to be so open about my life? Will you guys be able to judge these admissions in context or will you just see me as a bit of a loser?

paul1 (2)

I Worry That I’m a Shit Father

My son is the most important thing in my life, but I worry that I’m a shit father. The problem is that I get so lost in my own thoughts. I work from home, but I can be very distant at times. Timmy is growing up so fast, and I just need to make more time for him. I get annoyed with myself because what I should be doing is so obvious, making more  time for him, but  I just keep on slipping back into my obsessions.

I Worry that Being a Good Writer is the Best I Can Achieve

I make my living as a writer so being good is the bare minimum in order to survive. There are millions of good writers out there so it just isn’t enough. If being a good writer is the best that I can achieve, it means that I’m screwed. I’m going to do everything possible to become a brilliant writer, but what if I just don’t have what it takes?

I Felt Disappointed by the Performance of Dead Drunk

One of the greatest experiences of my life was the promotional work surrounding the release of my book Dead Drunk back in 2010. For a two-week period, I got to appear on TV and radio and even got invited to do some book signings. I felt like I’d arrived, and it seemed inevitable that my book would be a huge hit – in my mind it had already sold millions of copies. Dead Drunk did go on to sell a few thousand copies, and I’ve received plenty of positive feedback (some have even claimed my story changed their life), but I was just expecting so much more.

There Have Been Times When My Only Reason to Stay Alive Has Been My Family

I have managed to build a great life since giving up alcohol seven years ago, so it is not easy for me to admit that there have been a few times when worry and depression has caused me to question the benefits of being alive. The only reason for wanting to continue existing on these dark days has been my wife and son – as well as my family back in Ireland.

I’m a Hypochondriac with a Fear of the Medical Profession

I’ve worked in the medical profession as a nurse, but I have a deep distrust of putting my life into the care of other people. I avoid going near doctors unless my symptoms are so bad that I can’t ignore them any longer. A couple of years ago I worried myself sick about a lump on my testicles, but I waited over a week before going to the hospital.

I Sometimes Feel Like I Made a Mistake By Giving Up Nursing

I gave up the secure career of a nurse to become a freelance blogger three years ago. I loved nursing but writing is my dream job. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life wondering what could have been, so I took the plunge and launched myself into a new career. I expected things to be tough in the beginning, but I wasn’t prepared for just how inherently unstable freelance work can be. It wouldn’t be so bad if I was just gambling with my own future, but I’m also gambling with the future of my wife and son.

I’m Fearful of Dying Relatively Young

I’m afraid of dying before reaching the age of sixty – I also worry that by entertaining this fear, I’m creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. I don’t know if it’s normal to have this type of fear, or if it is a message coming from my subconscious? In a way I’m glad to have this fear because momento mori is such a great motivator for getting the most out of life.

 *So please take a little time to support Paul in his craft as w writer and get yourself a copy of Both his books. And as always, when you visit his website at: http://paulgarrigan.com Please tell him that *Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon* SENT YOU…
GOD BLESS ALL! xxoo Catherine 🙂

2 thoughts on “Just A Great Guys Story & Who Helps Others In Recovery…

    • Funny….I’m just now reading and viewing your Wonderful Blog! I appreciate your visit! 🙂 I LUV Paul, we met on twitter and he has done much talking about my book as well, so I wanted to share what a Great Guy he is! I’m now following your blog, and look forward to your Posts! *Author, Catherine Lyon* xo


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