A Veteran’s Day *TRIBUTE* To All Our Armed Forces Who Have Served Our Country ~~ And all Our Veterans

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Each year when “Veteran’s Day” comes, I always say to my self,…”This Tribute & Honor” for all who have served our Country with “Pride & Passion” should have more than just “ONE SPECIAL DAY” to be honored.
So my *TRIBUTE* to our armed forces will be up indefinitely……

I’m going to share a*Re-Blogg* from a great guy & writer, “Chris Martin Writes,” who has had 2 “Beautiful” blog posts recently that took my breath away, and gave me a few tears in my eyes as I read them.
They BOTH are very fitting for this “Honor & Tribute” to all our Veteran’s.
But first I’ll tell you WHY this holiday touch’s my “Heart”……

“Even though I’ve been estranged from my father for almost 9 years, I still HONOR him and his tour of duty in Da Nang, Vietnam. I also lost a cousin there to as well. My father was career Air Force for 20+ years. No, he wasn’t on the front lines, he worked on the base repairing the planes & helicopters when they were damaged. He was trained in Sheet Metal & Plastic work and mechanics.”

I did however have one LOSS in that war, my cousin “Gerald F Meredith” was in the Army, and lost his life on the front lines of the same war as my father. I was only 6 years old, but I remember Gerald, a “Gental Giant” in my eyes. He used to give me picky pack rides as a little girl, and would always sing the 60’s song, “Susie-Q”……I still remember it! I had the HONOR of finding his name when the traveling Memorial Wall came to our little community in Grants Pass, Oregon,  When I found Gerald’s name on that wall, I can not describe the feelings into words of HOW I felt that day…..

Veterans : Grunge rubber stamp with the text Veterans Day written inside, vector illustration                            Veterans Memorial National Cemetery Stock Photo - 14609978
Veterans Memorial National Cemetery

And was very hard to hold back the tears. When my father finished his tour, he had his last career transfer to where he would retire, he and my mom chose, Highland, California, and was stationed at “Norton Air Force Base” before retiring in 1975  from the Air Force. I still remember that last time I visited my Aunt Connie, Gerald’s mom, my mothers sister, she had left his bedroom in the basement exactly the same as the day he left it. when he went into the Army. She left his Uniform hanging on his bedroom door, and his boots and helmet at the end of his bed”…….

“So this is my own *Special Tribute* to my cousin Gerald, my father, and all who have been lost to defend this “Beautiful United States Of America” ~~ Let Freedom Ring”…

Military : Dog Tags on an old grunge texture with the American flag theme made of blank metal with beaded necklace as a symbol of the military identification of soldiers for emergency medical attention for wounded and fallen heroes                            US flag military armed forces soldier silhouette saluting - 




marine crying

Nothing but Respect

48 Replies BY: Chris Martin ~~  A Re-Blogg…..

I was never in the military. I never served multiple tours in Afghanistan. I’ve never had to spend sleepless nights in a bunker somewhere on the other side of the world listening to continuous gunfire and explosions. I’ve never had to spend months or years away from my family wondering if I would ever see them again. I’ve never spent holidays and birthdays alone, far away from the ones I love the most.

Unfortunately, there are many brave men and women who have, and who are still serving right now. I have the utmost respect for anyone who lives a life of sacrifice. True heroes don’t wear capes, football pads, or memorize scripts for the silver screen. The true heroes in this world wear dog tags, a shield on their uniform, rush into burning buildings to save lives, and stand in front of a classroom full of kids who don’t respect them.

I’ve written several things in honor of our troops. I can only imagine the feelings, thoughts, and emotions they endure. I hope in some small way, the words I write in their honor will convey that there are people all over this world who truly respect what they do. A simple “Thank you for your service” is great, but I don’t think it’s ever enough. The American flag is stained with the blood of those who have given their lives to protect the freedom we so often take for granted. Don’t let their sacrifice be in vain.

With Veteran’s Day quickly approaching, I wanted to share one of my personal favorites out of all I’ve written for the troops. It’s a poem entitled “When A Soldier Cries” Please feel free to share this with anyone you know who is serving or has served in the past.

When a Soldier Cries Copyright 2013 Chris Martin

A tattered picture, nearly faded to white Faces of the ones for whom a soldier fights In the empty silence of a world so far away On the rocky ground, the only place to lay

A father dreams of home, family, and friends In war, there is no guarantee he will see them again Thunder roars with fury, lightning burns the darkened skies The mighty angels shed a tear, when a soldier cries

She walks across the street, a young child stands alone Memories haunt her dreams of the daughters she left at home She tries to smile, show happiness through the tears Although she wants to help, the child retreats in fear

At night she dreams of home, bedtime hugs and kisses She prays to one day have again, everything she misses She can still see their faces as they spoke their last goodbyes Nothing can soothe a heart, when a soldier cries

In the pouring rain he stands guard, rifle in hand Just two years out of high school, his parents don’t understand He wanted something greater than just video games and fun He dedicated his life to become more than just an ordinary son

A young man dreams of home and wishes upon a distant star The letters are few and far between, only time can heal a wounded heart In the gathering shadows, just beyond where the unseen lies Those who have gone before, bow their heads when a soldier cries

The growl of crunching metal, searing heat and flames surround Voices of the wounded, silent screams that have no sound She left college early and signed up to answer the call Now lying in the wreckage, she wonders if it’s time to give it all

The young woman dreams of home, but she doesn’t surrender to the fear She knows if they’re alive, they will come back and find her here Chaos and confusion, in a place where hope and fate collide She fights for every breath, there’s no shame when a soldier cries

They stand in single file, one hand raised to touch their brow Men and women, young and old, bound together by a sacred vow Silently they watch as each car drives slowly past A beautiful flag covers every casket, heroes returning home at last

Mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, bravery at its best Defined by the unselfish act of sacrifice, courage passed the ultimate test With a will stronger than iron, nerves of steel and no compromise There’s nothing to give but respect and honor, when a soldier cries

Have a blessed day! http://ChrisMartinWrites.com/blog/  **I hope you’ll take some time and VISIT Chris’s Website, it TRULY is AMAZING!**

May God Bless You All Friends,
Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

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