A DP Challenge Accepted ~ I Blog For Recovery!


“I Blog to share my Recovery Story”

Weekly Writing Challenge: Snapshots  I Accept!

We blog for a million different reasons, but in the end, we’re all storytellers. Creative Writing Challenges are here to help you push your writing boundaries and explore new ideas, subjects, and writing styles.

It is how I became, and found my true “Passion” of being a writer & blogger. It started with a little newspaper article I read in my local paper one morning, which brought tears to my eyes. It was a about a woman who had committed suicide. She was found in a “Casino Hotel room” about 40 miles from my home. I myself had been there many times. A note was found next to her body that simply said, “please tell my family I’m sorry, I couldn’t stop gambling.” As I read this powerful article, I felt this woman’s pain deep in my “SOUL’….I could have been her. I almost WAS her!

See,  I to almost committed suicide. Having TWO failed attempts, needless to say my higher power was not finished with me yet. I felt such “Hopelessness.”
I felt I could never be successful in obtaining recovery. This “Powerful” little newspaper article all those years ago, and that woman’s story is how I became a published author. I wrote and published my personal story of my addiction, childhood trauma, abuse, and finally recovery. It’s now why I’m a blogger.
I blog to continue my recovery journey, as I also “Advocate” for those who still suffer from this “Cunning Disease”! I share what I went through with my own gambling addiction, and how I “STAY” in recovery.

WHY?……Because you never know who maybe reading my blog posts, or may
have read my book, as it just might “SAVE A LIFE,” as my Mission & Hope is
not one more person need feel DEATH is their only OPTION to STOP!


Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon
“Addicted To Dimes” (Confessions of a liar and a Cheat)

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