Addicted to Dimes (Confessions of a liar and a cheat) by Catherine Townsend-Lyon

*A Special Invite to be *A Guest Author* on my Good Friend *Graham Lawn’s Blog* Go take a Visit to his blog,:  and read my Story. OH, and he goes Nuts over CHRISTMAS!! *CHEERS*!!  Author Catherine Lyon 🙂

My musings on life.

I’m proud to welcome to my Blog page a good friend of mine, Catherine Townsend-Lyon. Cathy is an author. She’s had some problems in here life, addiction amongst them but you don’t need me to tell you when Cathy can do it so much better.

Big THANK YOU to Catherine for her contribution. X

“I live life in recovery, but my “Passion” is writing”

I’d first like to thank Graham for the invite to be a guest on his fabulous blog.
I came to meet Graham through Twitter just about this time last year. What caught
my eye was his “musings & banter” with others on twitter. I loved his Holiday Tweets, and came to find he is “NUTS” about Christmas and the Holiday Season. I had just become a first time published author of my book; “Addicted To Dimes” (Confessions of
a liar and a Cheat) on and…

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