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Hello Recovery Friends, Seekers, and New Peekers,

Since “OLD MAN WINTER” has his grip on most of the US right now, I thought I’d share with you a Good Friend of mine, and he is a fantastic Novel writer. He has been such a supporter of my book, “Addicted To Dimes,” and supports me in my Recovery as well. He *Inspires* me as a writer & in “Friendship”………..


Larry & I met I do believe on Twitter. I meet ALL MY Men there it seems!…Lol…We also see each other on many of the same Social Media sites. So, Please meet Larry LaVoie, and a Wee Bit more About Him:

Larry LaVoie

Image of Larry LaVoieImage of Larry LaVoie

Larry LaVoie was born in a small town in Oregon. He lettered in football and track in high school. In the summers, as a teenager, he worked in the fields around Dayton, Oregon. Larry graduated from McMinnville High school. He served in the Oregon National Guard. He completed basic training in Fort Ord, California.
He spent much of his career as an engineer in the aerospace industry. He has traveled extensively to several European countries. He has lived in several small towns in Oregon and along the Oregon Coast, which is reflected in some of his novels. He now lives in the high desert country of Eastern Oregon. He likes golf and bowling and has participated in several bowling tournaments over the past several years. His writing mainly has a flavor of his small town roots, although a few of his novels take place in larger cities such as Los Angeles, or Portland, or foreign countries.
His writings reflect his love of technology, sports and politics. His writings include mystery, thrillers, political, sports, and action adventure set in interesting places. While many of his novels are written for a mainstream adult audience he has also written for young adult and Christian readers.
“I write mainly to entertain,” Larry says. “When you read one of my books I want you to enjoy a thrilling experience through the eyes of the characters.” Larry has written thirteen novels in several genre.”

Yes, he is a fellow Oregon resident, AND yes I’ll be getting back to So. Oregon my- self soon! I will confess, I have had only time to read one of his Novels, “CALDERA,”which is a fantastic thriller set in Yellowstone Park. It’s a great read! Here is a bit about this novel:

Product Details
Publication Date:  November 29, 2013

Six-hundred-thousand years ago the largest volcano in the Western Hemisphere erupted covering much of what is now the Central United States in a thick layer of ash. The cataclysm left behind a massive caldera that today is known as Yellowstone National Park.After volcanologist Milton Bainbridge is found dead under mysterious circumstances, USGS volcanologist Jason Trask is called in from overseas to replace his former boss and work at Yellowstone Park with Bainbridge’s assistant Carlene Carlson. Trask and Carlson discover records in Bainbridge’s computer that indicate Yellowstone is about to erupt again, only this time the survival of millions of Americans in thirteen states is threatened if they cannot be evacuated from the deadly path of the fallout.To make matters worse, a terrorist organization is planning on using the disarray in the aftermath of a Yellowstone eruption to topple the government of the United States. Trask and Carlson face off against a government that doesn’t believe an eruption is eminent and a terrorist organization preparing to use that denial to their advantage.

Caldera is filled with technical accuracy in the lives of volcanologists assigned to Yellowstone National Park and the challenges they face when presented with the reality of a national disaster of unimaginable proportions…

*HERE are a few 5 STAR Reviews to know I was not the only one who Enjoyed this Novel.*

Amazon Verified Purchase
(What’s this?)

This review is from: CALDERA: A Yellowstone Park Thriller (Kindle Edition)

WOW! Move over Tom Clancy! Not only was this the very best book by this author, it is one of the best indie books I’ve read so far. It cost more than most indies, but it’s worth the money. It really did scare me because, with my geology background, I know it could really happen.

I have always loved this author’s work but, comparing this one to some of his earlier works, he has come so far. The book is very well written, the characters are strong and well-developed, the plot is amazing with several subplots. I didn’t have a clue where this novel was going and I love that. It kept me guessing until the end. I was sad to see it end. The book moves at a good pace so that I never lost interest or felt like I had to skip any of it. Good job, Larry!

Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

This review is from: CALDERA: A Yellowstone Park Thriller (Kindle Edition)

Having experienced, Mt. St. Helen’s in 1980 and several visits to Yellowstone National Park, I couldn’t wait to read this book. I was not disappointed. Fast paced, exciting, couldn’t put the book down. Can’t wait to read more of Larry LaVoie’s stories!

*WELL, Reviews don’t lie! It is an awesome read. Now here are some others that Larry has written for your reading pleasure, and can be found on Amazon.com, Barnes& Noble, Some on Smashwords.com, or go visit his wonderful Book Blog here at: http://www.larrylavioeauthor.com *

My novels are available as eBooks on Amazon.com and Barns & Noble. All e-reader formats are supported. Click above or below on Books By Larry for added details





You Can also find Larry On Social Media Sites abound!



And Here: http://larrylavioeauthor.blogspot.com

SO, I want to “Thank” Larry for letting me SHARE him a little, and hope all my friends will visit his Blog and check out Larry’s Novels, they are well worth a read. AND, as always, tell him his Pal, Author, Catherine Lyon sent you!

Author Catherine Townsend-Lyon

Addicted To Dimes, (Confessions of a liar and a Cheat)
My Book Blog: http://www.simplesite.com/CatherineLyonaddictedtodimes



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