Sandyhook ~ Newtown One Year Later, And Still No Gun Control Law….

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*A TRIBUTE to the precious lives taken a year ago at “Sandyhook Elementary” and still no gun control laws have been passed*

Image: A heart is emblazoned with crosses to commemorate the 26 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims (© Carlo Allegri/Reuters)

I’m sure “The President” is not to happy that no law has passed on gun control, but I hope all those in the “House & the Senate” feel really bad today, on this “One Year Anniversary” of this tragic event. For each “Candle” that is lit by family members today of those who lost a loved one in this tragedy, I hope each person in the “House & Senate” feel REAL guilt for not passing a law to help this from happening again to other children……..

Newtown's year: Horror, grief and tough choices: A school bus drives past a lamppost decorated for the holidays, and a sign reading Welcome to Sandy Hook, in Newtown, Conn., on Dec. 4.
But this tragedy has happened again and again since this tragic loss of live has happened. Just yesterday there was a new School Shooting in Colorado! How many more lives have to be taken before “Congress” will ACT? How many more families need to “MOURN” the loss of “PRECIOUS CHILDREN”taken in a senseless acts of “GUN VIOLENCE”?
When are the children going to be safe in their schools? I have to say, I’m actually glad I wasn’t able to have children of my own, because I would not want to have to send my own children off to school each day, and have to worry and wonder if they will make home “SAFE” each day.

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama take a moment of silence in honor of the Newtown shooting victims on the one year anniversary of the tragedy, in the Map Room of the White House in Washington, Saturday, Dec. 14, 2013.

My Call is to President Obama, all in the Congress, Senators, ANYONE IN GOVERMENT who will listen…..”THE TIME IS NOW FOR PASSING GUN



Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims

“A year after the gunfire ended at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the trail of loss is still too hard to bear. The gunman killed 20 children and six adults at the school, plus his mother at home and, eventually, himself. Here are portraits of some of the victims”…….

Newtown shooting victim: Dylan Hockley, 6, student. IMAGE                                             .

  • Newtown shooting victim: Catherine V. Hubbard, 6                                            


  • Newtown shooting victim: Jesse Lewis, 6                                            


  • Newtown shooting victim: Grace McDonnell, 7                                            


    “At one time, it seemed impossible that the loved ones of those senselessly taken too soon would ever find joy again. But the idea of something as simple as a playground helped restore childhood, innocence and hope”

    Image: Miranda Pacchiana, center, of Newtown, CT wipes a tear during a National Vigil for Victims of Gun Violence just prior to the first anniversary marking the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting at Washington National Cathedral on Thursday (© Matt McClain/ The Washington Post/AP)

    “The bells rang 26 times as names of each of the people were read at St. Rose of Lima church in Newtown on Saturday”
    Image: Photos of Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre victims sits at a small memorial in Newtown, Connecticut. (© John Moore/Getty Images/AP)

    NEWTOWN, Conn. — Church bells tolled in Newtown on Saturday to mark the anniversary of the shooting massacre that killed 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and President Barack Obama called on Americans to help prevent future violence in a radio address on the tragedy.

    The bells rang 26 times as names of each of the victims were read at St. Rose of Lima church in Newtown, one of several houses of worship that held private services Saturday for a community still grieving the deaths of 20 children and six educators.

    Obama said in his radio address that the massacre at Sandy Hook will be remembered as a tragedy that inspired the nation to make communities safer.

    “We have to do more to keep dangerous people from getting their hands on a gun so easily. We have to do more to heal troubled minds. We have to do everything we can to protect our children from harm and make them feel loved, and valued, and cared for,” said Obama, who also observed a moment of silence and lit candles at the White House in honor of the victims.

    “Newtown town asked for quiet and privacy on the anniversary”………
    *GOD BLESS ALL*…..

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