As My Pen Gently Weeps

WOW….This is an HONOR for me to SHARE this blog post with all my Recovery friends & my readers. Please meet my Recovery Friend “TREY” & his blog “As My Pen Gently Weeps.”

Everything Hurts & I'm Dying


 I scored the winning touchdown during a junior varsity football game.

It was a 58 yard touchdown.

My first touchdown.

There was only 1:16 left on the clock in the 4th quarter.

I was the hero for the next day.

Then, life went on….

 I was working on a power plant as an Ironworker. I was sitting on top of the highest steel point of the structure, 340’ above the ground.

2 fighter planes from a nearby base had been using our construction site as a mock target for about a month.

This particular day, they flew by the building so low and so slow, I saw one of the pilots throw me a salute as they passed. I waved back.

Then, life went on…

My daughter was born, and we gave her a name that was on the front of a baby name book sitting beside my wife’s…

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One thought on “As My Pen Gently Weeps

  1. Thanks Karen for your Thoughts!
    Of course, I never take things personal, and Trey was very honest about his thoughts. As we both can see, he really thought about what I posted, and that being OPEN and try to Educate the public about Addicted Compulsive Gambling, that it being a REAL addiction and disease like any other. That’s what IT’S all about!

    My posts are to let others know about this addiction, and how it can destroy lives just like Alcohol and Drugs, any addiction. I think it gave him a *AWE HAW* moment in is own life. You can label addiction with any WORD, but it is about any *THING* in your Life that interrupts, or interferes your Daily Living, can be an addiction. Drugs, Gambling, Alcohol, Food, Porn,…….and the list goes on. *Catherine* 🙂 🙂


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