Come Join Me Won’t You ~ On My Journey As An Author & Writer In Training

Welcome Recovery Friends and New Visitors,

First I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from ME to YOU!!

This is my personal “Invite” to all of my readers, friends, and blogger friends to come check out, and visit my New Blog Home for my Book/Writers Blog! I have had my writers blog on a blog hosting site that had barely any options to media share my posts, so since it’s almost a New Year, it was also time for
a New blog home.
And, of course my very first blog post needed to be about my “Support”  for the BEST TV show on air right now, “Duck Dynasty”! My post is supporting the “Duck Commander ~ Phil Robertson” and my feelings about what A&E have done to not only PHIL, but to all us FANS of the show too! So I hope you’ll come by and check out my NEW BLOG, and leave me a comment of your thoughts on my new blog.

If you too feel strongly about this topic, please visit Phil’s Facebook pages and let him know you “Support” him and the whole “Robertson Family” here: his A&E Boycott page:  as well.*I look forward to seeing you on my New Blog!
AUTHOR, Catherine Townsend-Lyon XoX0

2 thoughts on “Come Join Me Won’t You ~ On My Journey As An Author & Writer In Training

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