“Radio Show Was Great, And Some Pondering Questions”…

Welcome Recovery Friends And New Visitors,

“So I had my “Guest Author Interview” yesterday on C.L. Gammon’s blog talk radio show, and I have to say it was interesting. For those who tuned in, sorry, I was a little nervous. I tried to stay on task in answering all the questions without babbling, but there was SO much information I wanted to share with all who tuned in about addicted gambling,  share websites for help and support, and the current expansion of gambling “Casino’s and State Lotteries.”


But one question that my host asked me towards the end of the broadcast, and really got me thinking the rest of the night after the show. One of the questions I do believe C.L. asked me was, as I wrote my book, and with the things we do in the worst of our gambling addiction, like pawn things, asking or borrowing money to gamble, and I even told him about my” legal woe’s” from when I stole from a person, he asked me, “does a person feel “Shame” for the negative things we did within our addiction?
I think what I told him is” Yes,”…..we do have shame and guilt for the poor choice’s we made at the time, the hurting of loved ones, friends, and family. I also said that it’s not like we wake up one day and say, “Gee, I think I’ll become an ADDICT and destroy my life today, hurt all those around me! Is an addiction a personal choice? Well, yes…..But we as addicts learn that our past unsavory deeds does not define us. It’s “not” who we are today in Recovery. We are taught and learn through treatment, and support groups, meetings and class’s, is to work through, come to acknowledge, then move past the negatives of our past. We learn through the 12-Steps when the time is right, to make amends with those people we had hurt like family, friends, co-workers, and even our past employers. Many are affected when were addicts.
Like I shared with C.L., of course I have remorse for the hurtful things I’d done, but in turn I had acknowledged, took ownership, and paid the consequences for my past actions. If we as addicts just stay and sit in the “Shame & Pity,” if we continue to be a victim of our past, then will never have a “Balanced, Healthy, and Successful Recovery.” Those things can cause you to Relapse. It has to be part of our recovery life plan, to daily take our “Personal inventory.” To be aware and change our character defects.That’s part of the hard work we put into our recovery. I also told my host that I wrote in my book all the bad things I’d done, because I want others to know just how cunning addicted gambling is, and I wanted others to be aware of the “ugly side” of gambling. I put all my “Dirt” for all to read so they can learn from the mistakes I made while addicted, because I don’t want another person to choose or think Suicide” is their only option to stop gambling! That should never be an option for ANY ADDICT.
After my interview on the C.L. Gammon’s blog talk radio interview, http://www.blogtalkradio.com/clgammon …I had received a few emails from listeners.
One person had tuned in and asked if I would in the future blog about the personal facts and experiences about my addiction. We in recovery call them “Gambling War Stories.” I thought that is a little of what I shared in my current book? But I do know what this person means. So maybe my next post will be about “A Bad Day At The Casino” or something along those lines. As I DO have many to share….
I “THANK” those of you who tuned in. I really appreciate the support, the emails, and your kind words. “Truly” it’s really all about helping others, raising awareness, and caring enough to just “Share” what I’ve been through to help others!
Thanks Again Friends! Gos Bless,
Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon
“Addicted To Dimes” (Confessions of a liar and a Cheat)


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