“Thank You WordPress For Bringing Sexy Back”!~Recovery Ramblings Sexy I Mean”…

Hello and WELCOME BACK Recovery Friends, Seekers, And Supporters!

Today I have a “HUGE HEART OF GRATITUDE” to WORDPRESS for bringing my Recovery Blog back! Thank You, Thank You WordPress from the bottom of my HEART! As many of you may not know, ALL LAST WEEK I was dealing with a “Knuckle Head Cyber Hacker” who has been “Cyber Stalking” me. And they filed a complaint about my “Recovery Blog” for some bogus reason or another caught in their Auto-Spam so WordPress had my Blog Suspended for a while.
> Reported: https://betfreerecoverynow.wordpress.com
> Message:
> I just tried to post a new blog post on my WP Recovery Blog I have had
> hear for a long time and it said my blog is suspended?? I have been
> Cyber-Attacked on other personal sites and have reported it. Someone
> is out making fraud & bogus accounts, using my author Name. Why is my WP
> account Suspended?
Hi there, ( This is from WordPress )
Thank you for getting in touch. Your site was flagged. We have reviewed your site and have removed the suspension notice.
We greatly apologize for this error and any inconvenience it may have caused.
Cat | Community Guardian | WordPress.com
SO, CAT’S BACK!! I also know that all the “Praise & Glory” go to my “Higher Power ~ God” as he just performed another *MIRACLE* in my life. You all have NO idea how many hours it took me to gather and research all the info about Addicted Compulsive Gambling and all the important links to helpful websites for treatment options, recovery support, live-chats, and many awesome recovery blogs too! I also would not have known where to go to get another copy of my “Relapse Prevention Guide & Workbook” I have listed here on my blog for ALL to use in their recovery to come “Copy & Paste” and use.


Why do people have to be MEAN to others who are only trying to GOOD for others? This Anonymous person had come to my Recovery blog to try to leave a “RUDE” comment on my blog and threatened me, saying they would send me a Virus, and they’ll make sure I don’t win any Award, and some other NOT so nice things! They said they seen me Attack people on Social Media Sites??? I have no idea what the heck they were talking about? It is NOT my NATURE to attack, hurt, or BULLY anyone anywhere. You all know that’s NOT what I’m About!

So ‘m TRULY GRATFULL that WordPress took the time, and the seriousness of my email & complaint of why my Recovery Blog was taken down. Again. Thank You WordPress Team for believing in me to reinstate my blog. And lastly to my Cyber-Bully, as BOB HOPE said many times, years ago, “Thanks For The Memories”…..





8 thoughts on ““Thank You WordPress For Bringing Sexy Back”!~Recovery Ramblings Sexy I Mean”…

  1. Hey, hey glad to see you back! I wasn’t aware that you had had your account suspended but it’s pleasing to know that the blogging powers that be have the sense to ignore the haters. It wouldn’t be the same without you!


    • Hey Steve,
      Thanks for your kind thoughts! By the way your book went out yesterday! May take a bit as I didn’t realize your in the UK! I’ll email you the Track# as soon as Amazon gets it to me. ENJOY! *Catherine* 🙂


      • I appreciate that thank you…I always enjoy the anticipation. It’s probably good that it hasn’t arrived just yet as i have had a back log recently but getting through steadily now.


  2. OH, Cat, what a horrible ordeal this must have been for you. I am so sorry you had to go through all that. Some people just don’t have a life so must make trouble for others. I rejoice with you that WP got to the bottom of this problem for you! BIG (((HUGS))) Amy


  3. that’s crazy, Cat! I am so glad you’re back. There are some sick folks out there, that’s for sure. I am just so very happy that you didn’t get fully caught in the crossfire of that nonsense. I would have been panicky if that happened to me.

    You’re an important voice, my friend. What you do is so very important, and so many of us are blessed to have you in our recovery circles 🙂




      Your my #1 Angel Of Support & Friendship you know! AND YES, I did have a couple “Panic Attacks” only because of all the hours of research to gather and share helpful places for folks to go for help and support!

      The rest of it was just a Nasty inconvenience…..
      I have pretty thick skin. YOU DON’T MESS WITH ITALIAN WOMEN!!…LOL….LOL! I’m so blessed to have recovery friends like you Paul!
      Thanks for sharing, Hugs, LUV, and many Blessings,
      *CAT* Xo 🙂


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