“Recovery Joke And Humor For The Day That Has Nothing To Do With Recovery”…

Hello Recovery Friends, Seekers, And Welcome New Friends,


This will most likely be the shortest blog post in my blogging career and in blogging history!
What’s the fastest way to end your career, your life, and lose all you have worked for in just one instant?
Just do what “LA Clippers Owner DONALD STERLING” did, “Talk to your mistress about your true feelings toward “African-Americans,” and be dumb enough not to know the skank is baiting you and recording the conversation the whole time”!
Image: Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling (© Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports)


Image: Rochelle Sterling at the Golden State Warriors/Los Angeles Clippers game on Tuesday (© Noel Vasquez/GC Images/Getty Images)
Sterling’s wife cheers on team after ban
Rochelle Sterling asked for permission from the Clippers coach to attend last night’s game, just hours after her husband was banned from the NBA for life….
Getty, Instagram
* Rochelle Sterling is mad as hell and she’s not going to take it anymore*




SO, Can “Hollywood” Write A Better Script Than This One? NOT!
I have to say that this one MAN in one phone conversation tried to take this country back to “Slavery” times, but he just couldn’t get the job done, so I do believe he got what he deserved…..
I’m sure by now everyone has heard all bout this story, so I just had to “Blog It Like I See It” and add my 2 cents worth with a little humor, as I’m sure now it will be our biggest NEWS story on TV for the next 2 months along side the airplane we still can’t find!….Oh Please enough already!….

“Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon”




4 thoughts on ““Recovery Joke And Humor For The Day That Has Nothing To Do With Recovery”…

  1. Can Hollywood write a better script? I don’t know however I think time will tell that real life can.
    (The following is not based on fact, however bits and pieces I’ve heard in the news… real life or Hollywood, you decided…)

    Sterling’s rant was about a photo the mistress was in with Magic Johnson. The day after this event, yahoo news came out with a story on the lines of The best thing Sterling can do now is sell the team to Magic. He didn’t plant her to get the dirt on sterling did he? In 2012 Magic and his group bought the LA Dodgers. She has been seen with LA Dodgers members as well. (Before of after the purchase, I cannot find for sure…)

    Just an interesting theory there may be more than just a racist old man here. (None of this changed what he said, just make it more interesting..)


    • You maybe right. Even after hearing the full tape play out on ESPN I told my husband, wouldn’t it be an interesting “Conspiracy” if “Magic” but her up to engaging Mr. Sterling in this talk as she recorded it so he can buy the Clippers?…hhhhmmmmm
      Wouldn’t surprise me.

      But, Mr. Sterling took the bait, and should have never revealed his true feelings about African Americans to start with. If you heard the tape all the way through?, you can tell she was trying to keep the “Rant” going as long as possible. What bothered me the most was what I put in my post about him telling her if she wants to be around “those people,” do it in “Private”……WOW!
      *Catherine* 🙂


      • No doubt he is going to get what is coming to him. This is not the first time for him to do something stupid on the racist line.

        There are very few “private” moments today. We still have the right to say / think what we want. We also have the right to accept the consequences of our actions. Some people just need to learn how to shut-it!


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