“Many Keep Asking Me, How Can I Help Support You”? “Here’s How My Friends”…

Hello and Welcome Recovery Friends, Seekers, & New Visitors. Thanks for coming by!

I have been asked a lot recently how I’m able to be everywhere, everyday on Social Media, blogs, recovery support sites and more, and “How Can I Help Support You”?  It’s simple, I can’t work outside my home due to my health problems and mental illness. No, it’s not an “Excuse,” it is the “reality” of my life right now. There is so much many don’t know about me. Some is because I don’t want to be looked at as a “victim” of my health or circumstance, because I’m not. It’s very hard for me to ask for help. It just makes my HEART feel GOOD when I can be of help to others. It’s why I have published my story, and why I write, blog, freelance, and advocate, is to reach out and help others.
It’s my way of helping others who have been there for me when I first started in recovery, as my health issues came a few years before that.  One thing I remember very clearly when I first started gambling treatment, and Gamblers Anonymous. When new people came into the meetings for a few months looking for people to “Sponsor” them, not many of the long timers would step up and be sponsors. That really pissed me off.  That’s what recovery is about, at least for me it is! When we get clean time, we then start being of service to GA by maybe opening the doors, set up the room, make coffee, welcome people when they come in. Give material to the newcomers and so on. You start out small so as not to get overwhelmed in recovery. As more time goes by, you can learn to “Chair” a meeting, then maybe move into putting your name and phone# down for support to others on the Phone List if they get triggered or urges. Move into an “Official” capacity like become the treasurer or something. That’s all part of recovery and the unity & fellowship of our program. There is strength in numbers!
So that’s why I do what I can to be of recovery service to others. It’s what is expected of me, and what God taught me through my addiction journey & recovery. Since I have been unable to work outside my home, I have more time to help and sponsor many others trying to Write from home. Because of my “Agoraphobia with panic, Bipolar Manic Depression, & med side effects,  my laptop is my “Saving Grace” as is the internet! It has really changed how many of us can achieve “Recovery Success” right from home, and for those who want anonymity, they have that! It’s the way I meet awesome, caring, and wonderful people in recovery from all over the world, and other writers and authors too! That’s a pretty cool thing. The internet has helped change and save lives for many from addiction. The wealth of information and resources on websites and blogs for support, treatment, even online step meetings and more, has changed the way we look and succeed in Recovery Today!
I also get asked  a lot on how others can help support me in all that I do.  I try to make others understand that I love what I do, it makes me feel good to give back in “Honor” of those who came before me, and were there when I needed the help coming in recovery. They ask me as being an Author as well as a recovery advocate.  I enjoy helping people in recovery, and as a writer, all types of genres of authors and their books. It’s just who I am. I’m humbled for those of you who want to help support my authoring of my next 2 books, help me continue to be available to help others in recovery, who suffer mental illness, and survivors of childhood trauma,  I have an ongoing “Donation Fund.” As we all know, many think just because you have published a book that your “Rich & Famous” or something,…LOL….Yeah Right!!  I’m just as “Penniless” as the next writer trying to write that next #1 Best Seller!…HA!

You can help support all I do to continue to Write, Freelance, Author Books, Advocate, Raise Awareness, Blog and be there for those he need help, support, a lift up and know others care if they live or succumb to addiction. I’m so tired of all the needless Suicides and Precious Loss of Life. Are you? That’s the other reason why I try to be of recovery service to others. That little green button of “Love” helps me become a better writer, will help cover publishing costs , cost for bipolar meds, and allows me to be across the web for those reaching out to recover from any addiction! Now I do have to give a very “LOUD SHOUT OUT” to my #1 Donor who has gotten my to 8% of my Dream Goal, and that’s my “Fab Girl, “Ebony-DEBORAH PALMER of Brooklyn, New York! And her *Fabulous Blog* Espiritu en Fuego/A Fiery Spirit   Espiritu en Fuego —A Fiery Spirit Expressing Herself…

She has been a wonderful supporter of mine for a while now, and my hubby and I can not THANK her enough for her generous donations!
My DREAM is to be able to go visit and meet my BFF in person someday! But until I can, I know Tom and I love her BUNCH’S!! Xo
So there you have it! Now you know why I’m EVERYWHERE, EVERYDAY,  as much as I can be helping others recovery like ME!
My  past Career background was, 3 years retail through High School for Montgomery Wards, then got my first bank teller job after graduation in 1981 at a local Savings & Loan. Worked 18+years in Banking until 2000. Then 2 yrs for a Debt collection company as a clerical data-entry clerk until my 1st Mental Health/Addictions Crisis center stay after my 1st failed suicide attempt from undiagnosed bipolar with manic depression, AADD, PTSD, and treatment. Recovering from addiction was bad enough, but with the undiagnosed mental illness on top of it, was more than my body and brain could handle, and I completely Shut-Down!
So I don’t wan others to have to go through the “Dark Journey” I went through.  Another reason why I do what I do. There is NO SHAME in asking for HELP before it’s to late…….
May God Bless You All & Thanks For Visiting!
Catherine Townsend-Lyon
Author Of “Addicted To Dimes”
LOL…LOL 🙂  🙂

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