No, Not In Recovery Can You “Fake It Until You Make It”~Growth In Recovery Is The Key…

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Many of you know that I have 2 Life Passions. The first is helping others in Recovery by sharing my own addiction story, experiences, and recovery, to advocate about Compulsive Addicted Gambling, and all addictions.
The second passion is being a Published Author, Writer, Blogger, and Advocate! As a writer and author, I have met some amazing friends and fellow authors along the way. Many of them also advocate to be the best we can be and help others along the way. Not just live and breathe writing. And that is no different for a good  friend and fellow Author, David Duane Wilson.
He has a wonderful website called; “Give It A Thought”
When you visit his site, which I encourage you do,….LOL, you can sign up to get awesome positive, and inspiring emails from him that always have an encouraging message. It is why I wanted to share a little about David with my recovery friends. Many of what he writes and shares also applies to what we need to do in recovery as well. The email I received from him this week sure applies to Life In Recovery! Here is a wee bit more about my good friend David Duane Wilson:,

A Little Bit About Me:

I’m retired and now live in the beautiful little town of Wimberley which is located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.  I started a Handy Services company and one of my clients changed my life.  His name is Dr. Joe Vitale and he’s an inspiration to me.  My entire outlook on life  has changed.  I’m happier, more confident and ready to enjoy every moment of each day.
*Recovery Message I Wanted To Share With YOU! ~ Courtesy Of  *David Duane Wilson*


Today’s Thought

“People Who Play It Safe, Neither Grow Nor Fail;
Get Out of Your Comfort Zone;
Learn & Grow”

You need to learn to grow throughout your life. If you are not growing, then you are playing it safe and will remain within your comfort zone. This is your safe place where you are comfortable and are familiar with surroundings and expectations. This comfort zone is where you stay safe, but you stop learning. If you stay here,  you will gradually grow stale and become outdated.

I am not saying that you need to jump out there and take unnecessary risk. I am saying that you need to be open-minded and willing to look at different points of view.

How do you get out of your comfort zone to learn and grow?

1.       Research –     Talk with coaches, mentors and teachers. 
2.       Plan-               Set obtainable goals in order of priority.
3.       Implement-   Take action.

Take calculated steps in the growth process.  Don’t set yourself up to fail.  Set obtainable goals and achieve them.  Keep in mind that you can learn from all situations.  There is no better teacher than experience.
Take measured steps out of your comfort zone and grow and learn each day. Keep in mind the saying:

“Don’t GO Through Life, GROW Through Life”

Give It A Thought!!

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As we all know when working our personal inventories, and doing our step work, ultimately we want to grow, evolve, learn from our past mistakes and choices. I feel even though David’s message is personal growth stepping out of our Comfort Zones, this also applies to our personal recovery journey.
We as recovering addicts can not afford to just Play It Safe! We do our 12-Steps to be able to go and keep reworking those steps to be able to the recovery Growth we are acquiring by doing the Inside Work we need to be Happy, Healthy, and Live a Balanced Life in Recovery.
That’s why that on recovery Slogan bothers me when people say, “Fake it to Make it”! It’s not so, nor do you have to start your recovery with faking it until you gather the understanding of the true work that needs to be started and done to be able to recover from any addiction. For my own recovery, I’m now 7+ years in, and I still re-do my step work and journal. Then you really can see with your own EYES just how much you have grown in your recovery. With the deep work being done in the start of my recovery, I have now achieved the Elusive “Peace & Serenity” and happiness! It’s just that SIMPLE…
Just making meetings isn’t going to get you recovered. Meetings are for support, unity and fellowship. To be with others like ourselves who yearn to recover in a safe place to speak about what we have been through, or going through with addiction and recovery. We can learn from each others testimony and hearing others personal experiences is a powerful tool to help newcomers. We feel we are not alone while in recovering. We do have to step out of our Comfort Zones a lot in recover. But we need to.
It’s why I do what I do here on my recovery blog. As we get those years of recovery, we also learn in meeting to be of recovery service to others, as long as it doesn’t hamper our own recovery. I sponsor many in recovery from addicted gambling, as that’s what is expected of me by my group meeting, and by my Higher Power. To share the Wisdom we learn and here in those rooms.
So I’d like to say a Big Thank You to my good friend, and fellow Author, David Duane Wilson for giving me permission to share a little about him, and the Beautiful Work & Messages he shares with others on his website! Again, if you need to be inspired or need a bit of encouragement, just go visit David’s website and get all you need and more! Better yet, go sign up to get YOUR OWN Emails from his site!

Have A Blessed Day Recovery Friends,
Author, Author Catherine Townsend-Lyon

The First Step in Growth
I am Happy! 200 Followers? Yeah Baby!

Happy, Happy, Happy that my Recovery Blog just made a another Milestone!!
Thanks to all my recovery friends, followers, and new visitors! You made this happen 🙂 XO


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