Living In Recovery With Mental Illness Challenges? Normal Is A Bit Over-rated…


What Do You Think NORMAL Means?
DO You Think Normal Is Over-Rated?

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4 thoughts on “Living In Recovery With Mental Illness Challenges? Normal Is A Bit Over-rated…

  1. Normal is such a dull word, if everybody were normal then the world would be dull but if we were all not normal that would become normal…I will stick with uniqueness and that can be seen as whatever it is…


  2. Hello and Thank You for the visit!

    I do try to “Keep It Real” when I write about my own personal experiences of living in recovery from addicted gambling, living daily with mental illness challenges, and share about my past childhood abuse & trauma.

    I feel it helps others be informed, and to raise awareness. There is no shame around these issues, and others need to know that they to can recover and live well. I took a peek at your website, awesome healthy approach to many issues we all face today. I have you on my list to “Spotlight” you & your site soon if that would be OK?

    I think my readers & recovery friends need to know more about you & Health Wellness, it’s important in recovery! 🙂
    Author, Cat Lyon 🙂


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