My Good Friend David Wilson Has Done It Again ~ Right To Our Hearts For The Holidays …

Hello Recovery Friends, Readers, and Welcome New Visitors,

Happy Holidays! Thanks for stopping by. . . Well my wonderful friend David Wilson of  “Give It Thought” has shot another positive message right into my HEART! And even though this message is not recovery specific, I felt the do fit for those of us who do live our lives in recovery. His website is always packed with so much Love & Encouragement that it is worth the visit!  By, David Wilson.


“A True Long Term Relationship is When Someone, Accepts Your Past,
Supports Your Present and Encourages Your Future”
        ~ Author Unknown ~ 

To develop a true relationship, honesty is of the utmost importance. Since this will be a lifetime investment, each of you should know and accept the others past.
A heart to heart discussion of each other’s past should include topics such as credit history, medical issues, and family history.  The both of you should know where the other comes from and each should accept the past of the other. You should know your companion before you make a lifetime commitment. Neither of you should want to change the other, but accept one another for “Who They Are”. You need to be willing to support each other’s lifestyle and be willing to give the relationship time, patience and understanding.

Keep in mind the golden rule of relationships, “Appreciate Each Others Similarities and Respect the Differences”.

Each other’s dreams are meaningful and relevant. These dreams need to be encouraged, researched and explored.
Help one another to become their best by showing support and encouraging them to follow their dreams.
Always remember the saying, “Love Does Not Consist of Gazing at Each Other, But in Looking Together in the Same Direction”.  Know each other’s past and accept it. Support one another and help each other grow each day. Encourage your companion to follow their dreams into the future.
Give It A Thought!!!
P.S.  May Your Week Be Full of Opportunities!!!

*See, now if that is not good solid advice, I don’t know what is? This can be done in our own recoveries as well. It makes sense as we learn to make our amends in relationships we may have broken will active in our addiction. And since we have to set boundaries around “Old Friends”, this may be sound advice to help make new friends.It can also be said, for those who don’t understand that others can turn lives around and become better people in recovery. It can help “Shatter Stigma” of those of us who may have lost our way in addiction, but become better people in recovery. For those who don’t understand addictions, we are people with feelings and a heart. We can and DO change. So our past we should not be Judged by or Our Past Does not Define the caring people we have become in recovery. Everyone deserves a second chance in life. I myself had many people, even in my community that I was able to makes amends and be trusted, and respected again after my Detour with Addiction, and now a Beautiful Life in Recovery!*

God Bless Recovery Friends and Readers,
Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon XOXO
PSS… And, my book would make a ‘Recovery or Memoir Reader’ in your life!





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