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Hello Recovery Friends, Readers & New Visitors ~ Happy Blessed Holidays!

I enjoy sharing loads of events and info about Problem Gambling any chance I can. So here is a share from good friends at The National Council of Problem Gambling. They are a great folks out there doing awesome work for those with gambling problems and their families. The also help Raise Awareness, Educate, and Inform the public on how problem gambling impacts our family, friends, and even our communities! They have some fun things going on and so I wanted to share my resent news letter to share and help inform my friends here about all they do!

They resent rise in teen and college gambling should be unnerving parents. I happen to know that the NCPG is very active in making parents aware of this fact. And they are finding ways to help them fight this expansion of gambling to our High School and College kids. We need to have the dialogue about this alarming rise! So here is what the NCPG has to say! You can visit them anytime on their website here:
http://www.ncpgambling.org . . .

24 Hour Confidential National Helpline 1-800-522-4700 . . .

Children are at the heart of the holidays for many people, and always a part of NCPG’s outreach efforts in problem gambling awareness. Your gift today will help ensure that NCPG’s services will be there when they need them, including the following three programs.

Our Holiday Lottery Campaign works with state lotteries to raise awareness among their retailers and customers about the risks of gifting lottery products to minors. Many people are not aware that an early start in gambling activities and especially an early ‘big win’ are associated with an increased risk of gambling problems later in life.

If a child or youth wants information or help on problem gambling, our National Problem Gambling Helpline (1-800-522-4700) is of course available to them. But you may have noticed, as we have, that younger people frequently prefer to communicate by text and online chat. So we are expanding our Helpline services to include text, chat, and an online forum in 2015. We want to engage our young people in the ways that they use to communicate, and that they increasingly use to gamble.

Social gaming
– the so-called ‘free’ games that many young people play on Facebook and elsewhere online – is an area of concern for NCPG and should be for parents and families as well. Many of these games mimic gambling but are without the same rules or protections to which regulated gambling must adhere. The games are very popular – young people commonly spend a large percentage of their time on it and even spend real money to buy virtual products that give them greater advantages within the game. That’s why NCPG created our Social Gaming Consumer Protection Guidelines – we want to reduce the risk for young people and their parents who play simulated gambling games online in social media.

And of course, children whose parents have a gambling problem can’t help but be affected by it – the loss of time and attention is just as important as the loss of financial resources and all that may follow, such as loss of home, education, and opportunities. Our National Helpline is there for them in these situations as well.  Young people can call with their concerns and receive professional advice and information on how and where to get help for their loved one’s gambling problem.

NCPG and our 37 state Affiliates provide resources at no charge so that parents can get the help they need, and enjoy the holidays – and their children – to their heart’s content.

Please help NCPG continue to help children and families by contributing to our Year-End Appeal today.
It’s easy and quick to donate online – just click here!  Or download a donation form and return it by mail with your check. You’ll know that you have helped bring help and hope to many people who need it.

Thank you!

Keith Whyte
Executive Director

P.S. Please consider making a gift of $42 for NCPG’s 42 years of service. If you so choose, your gift and a special child or family member will be acknowledged on our Celebrate and Inspire web page. Check to see posts from our NCPG family!

About us..

Our mission is to lead state and national stakeholders in the development of comprehensive policy and programs for all those affected by problem gambling.  Our purpose is to serve as the national advocate for programs and services to assist problem gamblers and their families.  And our vision is to improve health and wellness by reducing the personal, social and economic costs of problem gambling.  The National Council is neither for nor against legalized gambling.  NCPG is organized with 3 classes of members: state affiliate, corporate and individual. The NCPG concentrates efforts on the national level, while the state affiliates work at the state and local level. Major National Council programs include:

  1. The National Problem Gambling Helpline Network (1-800-522-4700), a single national access point to local resources.
  2. The annual National Conference on Problem Gambling, the world’s oldest and largest problem gambling-specific conference.
  3. National Problem Gambling Awareness Month (annually in March).
  4. International Holiday Lottery Campaign (annually in December).
  5. Administration of the National Certified Gambling Counselor (NCGC) credential.
  6. Providing education on problem gambling issues to Federal, state, tribal and international governments and agencies.
  7. Distribution of information and literature on problem gambling treatment, research and recovery.
  8. National referral resource on gambling counselors and treatment facilities. . .
    .**Now I would LOVE to sometime make it to a NCPG conference and share my story and experiences with and from addicted gambling. Maybe I should add that to my 2015 Bucket List?? And add it to my Donation Book & Blog Fundraiser?? As my 2nd book is now done, being edited, and looking for a designer for my book cover! You can help through the Green Go Fund Me Button here on my blog! So I hope sharing this great info from my friends from The National Council of Problem Gambling has given you some food for thought today. Share your thoughts in my comment section! **

    God Bless All,



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