I got fired last night

I have been following and enjoy Tara’s personal blog, as she shares many thoughts about her life struggles as I do. And when a fellow friend and blogger needs my help? I’m there for them! So please, can we all give Tara a helping hand through her Go Fund Me fundraiser Please http://www.gofundme.com/kk9zb8 . . . Thanks Friends!
Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon 🙂

Living with Pain But Living

So my previous post noted that even if I didn’t say anything and someone said I did I was fired, and it happened. I totally called it. I’ve begged, pleaded, cried, begged some more, and she will not budge. I did nothing wrong. Anyway, my surgery is next Wednesday, and since I’m fired and have no job to go back to after I recover, I need help getting through until I recover and get a new job. I have opened a gofundme account because I at least need to pay for my electricity so the kids and I aren’t freezing through the snow and sitting in the dark. I’m posting it here in hopes people will share it and I can get some help. I am so afraid right now. I have no money, can’t work until recovery is complete, and my ex boss absolutely refuses to listen to me…

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