A Special Re-blogg Of New Author M/R Johnson and Her New Book Titled; Memoirs Of An Addict . . .

Hello And Welcome All,

Here is a new fabulous Author Rhonda Johnson, and her debut book release titled, Memoirs Of An Addict: Fact or Fiction.

Product Details

Memoirs Of An Addict: Fact or Fiction

It is available on Amazon Books in paperback. You may also visit Rhonda on her wonderful blog as well here: http://www.memoirsof2165.com . . . Here is a little more about the Author and my good friend which is a share from her
her blog . . . . .

Meet Author M/R Johnson

 Who is M/R  Johnson?


Born and raised in the Nation’s Capitol Washington, DC she is the author of Mary/Pumpkin’s Memoirs of An Addict: Fact or Fiction, the extraordinary book and workbook of HOPE and SURVIVAL from addiction, mental health {Co-Occurring Disorders} and suicide.

Inspired by her story as someone living with co-occurring disorders, M/R Johnson offers insight from a dynamic perspective, drawing from her personal lived experiences, clinical education and professional work background, she feels compelled and empowered to be an advocate of change by  promoting HOPE that recovery is a PROCESS and it is POSSIBLE.

A graduate from the Washington, DC Department of Behavioral Health’s Co-Occurring Clinical Competency Course, and the Office of Consumer and Family Affairs Certified Peer Specialist Certification Program, she has become a leader amongst her peers by sharing  her challenges and experiences within the recovery of mental health and addiction’s  communities  through motivational speaking and interactive workshop presentations.

M/R Johnson is the creator of several social networking groups that she facilitates on LinkedIn, {A.T.T.} Addiction the Truth,   and Certified Peer Specialists {United} on Facebook where members can engage or start therapeutic discussion of interest by  demonstrating  leadership and share  education to unite in knowledge.

M/R  Johnson believes her time has come, and that no matter what challenges a person encounters in this road to life, “All things are possible with FAITH in God!”

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