Words Are Windows. Come, peek in…you are welcome here!

Words Are Windows. Come, peek in…you are welcome here!

Words are not even close to explain this woman of recovery and Poet. And this blog post explains what she can do “with the magic of words” to sooth the soul . . . . If you love poetry, ENJOY Sarah Beth Wheeler!
Catherine Lyon, Author & Recovery Advocate

sbeth4real's Blog

Welcome! Being a poet, I thought I would share these three select poems with you today. My poetry is my life blood. It pulses as I do, rhythmic, penetrating, deep and resounding. Here is peek inside. I have opened the window a bit…enjoy and please leave a comment! I would love your reflections on these pieces…


When Dark Bit Off Dusk

She slipped summer into her pocket and wrapped fall like a shawl around her neck.
Tiny specks of rose-colored blush pushed up satisfied on her cheeks.
The wind with its singing sting wrapped the naked trees in their breeze.

She stood silent on the hill

                      The graves pushed down their wet sound beneath the ground and the green       grass spread like molasses against her shoes. She lifted her gun metal blue eyes to the city below her,  finding that death, with its prize of peace, was more comforting than

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