The Power Of Positive Thinking And The Law Of Attraction Is Real In Recovery.

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I always enjoy having guests and guest articles of friends that can also translate and can be used in our recovery journey. And one of my favorite places to visit is, “Give It A Thought” by David Duane Wilson my awesome buddy! He always has something exciting and positive to share, and this guest article by him is no different. It may not have been specifically written for recovery, but I  feel we all can use it in our daily journey . . .


The Power of Positive Thinking and The Law of Attraction is Real.

Study Finds: “Law of Attraction” and “Positive Thinking” are as real as gravity!

You’ve probably heard about and maybe even practiced “Positive Thinking” and the “Law of Attraction” to bring better things into your life. They are two of our brain’s most natural and powerful talents. Countless people all over the world have used these talents to attract wealth and abundance to themselves and the people they love.

So why have so many more tried and failed?

The #1 question we ask when they fail to work for us is.  “If Attraction  and Positive Thinking are actually a ‘law,’ then why won’t they work for me as automatically and effortlessly as gravity does?

Why would you have to do anything to make it work?”

Well, the truth is that just like gravity, Positive Thinking and the Law of Attraction are always working. You don’t need to do anything to make them “work”.
You just need the desire to harness them and make them work for you. It took Isaac Newton and an apple falling off a tree to make him “aware” of gravity, and look at it with awareness and intent. . .




Well, the Law of Attraction and Positive Thinking are similar.
All along, they have been a force in your life.  So, why do so many people struggle to attract money? Struggle to bring abundance and happiness into their lives, when Positive Thinking and the Law of Attraction are all around them?
The fact is, if the Law of Attraction and Positive Thinking work all the time, and if your results fall short, then the difference must be in YOU.  If you state an intention, and it doesn’t work, there’s a part of you that’s fighting with another part of yourself.

Have you heard the saying, “we only use a small fraction of our brains?
Well, 80 to 90 percent of our thinking is unconscious.  We are like conscious icebergs with most of our thoughts happening beneath the water line, out of our awareness.

This means, “what you consciously think isn’t anywhere near as important as what your unconscious mind thinks.” So when your intentions fail to manifest, all too often it’s because there’s an unconscious conflict of beliefs deep down. A conflict that may have been buried there since childhood.

Get Clear of Counter-Intentions and Limiting Beliefs!!!



Stop Self-Sabotage


Some experts call these unconscious conflicts of beliefs, “counter-intentions and limiting beliefs,” and until you get “clear” of these hidden mental snags, attracting the things you want in life is going to be very difficult.  It’s like trying to drive a car with one foot flooring the gas and the other foot pumping the brake pedal.

When you discover the simple process of eliminating “Counter-Intentions and Limiting Beliefs” from your mind, it’s as if the flood gates are flung wide open.  All the abundance you’ve been concentrating on and waiting for is suddenly “cleared for landing” . . .

David Duane Wilson

“This Site is Dedicated to Helping you Improve Yourself Through Self Help Techniques and Positive Thinking!” “Give It A Thought” Duane Wilson . . .



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