“Wishing All My Blog, Recovery, and Reader Friends A Very Merry & Blessed Christmas Weekend!” XOXO ~ CAT

Hello and Thank You All Who Visit This Merry Christmas Weekend !!


A Personal Note this Christmas from my Heart to Your’s .  .   .   .

With another Christmas Eve and Day upon us, let me reflect on The Many Blessings from this Year!

I sure have been very blessed and grateful to have shared my OWN Recovery Journey with you all year long, to share and bring HOPE,  JOY, and some Serenity to all of you. I want ALL to know what “Long-Term Recovery” can bring you when you decide to reclaim your LIFE back from not ONLY Gambling Addiction but from all addictions. Apply what you learn from doing the inner work as you also learn to rely on all your “Skills & Tools” in that recovery tool box you have.

We begin a quest of love, to learn to learn ourselves so we can pass that love on to those who still suffer and struggle from “the cycle” of addiction. I share my heart to hopefully show others that the “Triggers and Urges” will subside, that you will learn to FEEL again, and most importantly? You CAN gain a life of much “Peace and Serenity” .  .  .  .  .

So I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Clean, Sober, and Gamble Free Holidays!






*Catherine Townsend-Lyon ~ *CaT*

5 thoughts on ““Wishing All My Blog, Recovery, and Reader Friends A Very Merry & Blessed Christmas Weekend!” XOXO ~ CAT

    • MERRY CHRISTMAS to you Tony across the big pond! Hope you and all your family are together and having a blessed one!! XOXO Catherine 🙂


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