Recovery Ramblings and Victories Around Social Media With My Friend!

Welcome Recovery Friends and New Ones!

I happen to be on social media this morning and on Facebook, one of my recovery advocates and dear friend who maintains his recovery from gambling addiction like myself is celebrating his 4th year “BET FREE!” His message he posted was screaming, SHARE ME! So that is exactly what I will do with HIS permission of course. Please Meet Chris D. and read how it WAS, and now HOW IT IS from the silent addiction of GAMBLING…


“This is from last year. I actually like what I wrote last year better than what I wrote today 😃 “

1 Year Ago

See Your Memories

Chris D


TODAY I am 4 YEARS clean from gambling. I remember how I felt at this time 4 years ago. I had many emotions. I was scared because I knew I couldn’t control my Gambling and I was losing my whole paycheck plus some every week. I was angry at myself but took my anger out on all the people and things around me. The guilt and shame were unbearable.

I decided that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. August 15th had always just been another day on the calendar but now August 15th, 2013 is a marker in my life that I decided to make a decision to get help and get into recovery. I had tried to stop gambling on my own many times but could never do it by myself. In my recovery sometimes an elevator analogy is used. Compulsive gambling just like other addictions like alcohol or drugs without the substance, it is a DISEASE.

We talk about how this elevator is going to continue to go down until we decide we have hit our own personal”rock bottom” and decide to get off the elevator before it crashes at the bottom which we are told those results will be Prison, Insanity, or DEATH. That was the worst sounding multiple choice test I had ever heard of so I decided to choose option D and get my DISEASE “arrested” (under control…we can NEVER be CURED).

The most important factor in my recovery is my relationship with Jesus. I couldn’t do this without Him. I couldn’t do life in general without Jesus. I don’t know how people find ANY peace in this life without Jesus. I also have had the support of my family and close friends from the beginning and over time I have shared with more and more people until the point I shared publicly on here a year ago and got asked to do a video testimony about my gambling problem which was played at our church stewardship banquet last year in front of like 1200 people. I also have had great support from the people in my recovery meetings. I have made some good friends in there and I really needed that especially the first few months of recovery.

These people FULLY understand me and my thoughts because they have the DISEASE as well so we are able to talk thru things and help each other. I have said for 3 years now that ACCOUNTABILITY is one of the biggest things that helps me stay clean. When I tried to stop on my own it was my own secret addiction that I had too much shame and guilt to share with others because I thought they would judge me and look down on me but in my experience that has not been the case. I know that was Satan not wanting me to be open and share because he didn’t want me to share openly and hopefully give others the courage to step out of the darkness with their secret DISEASE and not be ashamed anymore and get the help and support they need. It is humbling but well worth it.

I have a friend Chris Reaves who really helped me stay on track the first year clean by remembering to text me on Sundays and Wednesdays just to ask if I was coming to church and small group. May sound like a small thing but many of those days there were spiritual battles going on and I was about 50/50 on if I was going to church or small group and I would get Chris’s text and that would make me decide to go.

I have no doubt at least one person is reading this knowing that either themselves or somebody they love has some type of DISEASE like this from gambling to alcohol or drugs. I pray you will have the courage to get the help you or your loved one needs. Please don’t wait until tomorrow. DO IT NOW. If you don’t know where to start then please PM me and I will get you connected. This has become a passion of mine enough that I have decided to go back to school so that I can eventually become a counselor focusing on alcohol, drugs, and gambling addiction.

I will be praying for those who need help to get help. It is hard to do alone… me I tried for MANY years.

Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things thru Christ who gives me strength.”


Chris D.

You can connect with Chris here on his Facebook Page for Support.


I want to thank Chris for giving me permission to share his heart felt story to give all who visit some HOPE and Know Your LIFE IS WORTH Recovery! There are people out here who will support you and WE CARE ABOUT YOU… 



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