How To Use Difficult Situations To Enrich Your Life Journey.

Let’s take Marilyn’s advice in this fantastic self-help post. When life difficulties and roadblocks are in our way? “Call UPON Your Higher Power and let a Power Greater Than YOU” help get you through…

Catherine Lyon -Recovery Advocate XO

Self-Help Road To Freedom & Living Well

Dear Readers, Friends, and New Visitors,

First I want to apologize for being gone for several weeks. Since I live in Florida, I spent time before, during, and after hurricane Irma. Trees, limbs, wires, and debris were everywhere, but I rode out the storm and survived without damage to my house or car.

I’m grateful but so sad for others less fortunate. And I ask you to pray for all those who suffered and are still suffering. I appreciate all the well wishes and prayers from you all and was touched.   God bless all.

Now For This Week’s Post!

Imagine that when you wake up each morning a familiar feeling of dread reaches your mind, and your stomach immediately tightens with stress.You fold your hands over your chest and calm yourself enough to get up and go to a job where you have to face the monster who…

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