What Is Gambling

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Gambling Gone Wrong

What really constitutes gambling.

The business dictionary defines gambling as, “betting, or wagering, that must result in either a gain or a loss. Gambling is neither risk taking in the sense of speculation, short term risk, nor investing, long term gains.”

Now-a-days gambling is more accessible than ever before, the introduction of mobile devices means we have access to the internet at the touch of a button and this makes accessing content such as sports betting applications, online gambling rooms and online casinos reachable at the tap of a finger.

In 1995 there were 15 Internet gambling sites but by 2010 the number of sites had grown to 2,358*.

What causes us to gamble.

We choose to gamble for several reasons.
– It’s a quick way to almost instantly win money or prizes
– Adrenaline rush when we have a sense of anticipation to winning something
– These sites and…

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