How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others — Navigate My Recovery – Guest Article Pick!

Just recently, I have found myself in the trap of not believing that I am good enough to be around certain people. If I let it fester too long, my self-esteem begins to erode and I can end up feeling depressed. I recently read an article that I found incredibly helpful and wanted to also […]

via Navigate My Recovery…

Scott’s website is my “Recovery Pick” this weekend for all to visit.

Especially this post about how many of us compare ourselves to others maintaining recovery. “If You Want We Have?” You got to do the recovery work and “inside job” to accomplish this. Never judge or compare to others as you may lose a little of your power to others. I thank Richard for letting me share some of his post from his awesome Recovery Site!

~Advocate & Author, Catherine Lyon


My name is Scott Kixmiller. I am a person in long-term recovery from Substance Use Disorder. I am also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist. To achieve these statuses, I worked in the areas of substance abuse and mental health treatment for thousands of hours over the course of several years. and I passed state level exams. This was all after achieving my Master of Social Work degree at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Please remember that even though I am licensed and the states of North Carolina and Virginia, the information contained on this site is for your use and not meant to be the replacement of a medical doctor, psychiatrist, or licensed mental health professional.  It is also not meant to be a replacement for reliable clergy.  Your use of the information and participation in this site releases me from any and all liabilities.



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