“I’m sorry for being bad and making you turn to drugs Mommy”. DO WHAT? Stop this thinking!

A new recovery friend and parent who is my Recovery Blog Pick you need to visit! Parent’s in recovery? Don’t be too hard on yourselves … xoxo Cat


Mother’s Day is right around the corner and most of the mother’s will get gifts and amazing cards. Most will say that you are the worlds greatest mom and that they love you so much and appreciate everything that you do for them. I also got one of those cards, my daughter wrote me one(she’s 12). However, mine had one component inside it that other Mother’s Day cards wouldn’t have. My daughter says she loves me and that I’m a wonderful mother and that I have a heart of gold, that made me smile. She also wanted to apologize to me. I read to part where she says that she knows that she was always misbehaving and acting up and that she was a sorry for making me feel like I had to turn to substance abuse because of her. At that point y’all, I was bawling! I couldn’t believe…

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