News Around The Recovery and Advocate World …Jason Running4Recovery In “The Boston Marathon” & We Need To Support Him ~ Recovery Strong Friends.

News Around The Recovery and Advocate World …Jason Running4Recovery In “The Boston Marathon” & We Need To Support Him ~ Recovery Strong Friends.

Announcement & Let’s Support Jason Hyland of This Recovery Event!

So, I had been wondering lately what my good buddy and recovery advocate, Jason Hyland has been up to since I last had him spotlighted on my recovery blog sharing his amazing book release! Well, he is getting ready to Run4Recovery in the Boston Marathon this April 2019!!

Now, just like my other amazing friend and buddy, Big Jim Downs who is having a Year-Long Recovery event right now “Biking Around America” for Addiction Awareness, Sharing Hope, Healing, and is sharing Vital Resources to those looking to recover from addictions …And he has now gotten 7 people into treatment and he has only just begun on Jan. 1st, 2019 and biked about 1,000 miles so far and visited his third State Capitol too!


But that will be another post for another day! Let’s get back to Jason Hyland and here is what I got from my New Email Newsletter from Jason recently and it’s all about what he is doing for the marathon and HOW ALL MY Recovery Strong Blog Friends can help Jason be Successful at Running4Recovery this April! I hope you will “Be That One” to donate and HELP him out! …  *** CAT ***

A MESSAGE FROM Jason Hyland:

Hello, all you amazing souls! Trust me READ IN ENTIRETY!😇

We have some FANTASTIC NEWS to announce that I am very excited to be finally sharing with you. For those of you who follow me on social media (if you don’t that’s okay, I forgive you, just click the links below!) you are already aware, but to let the cat officially out of the hat…drum roll, please …

I am running the 2019 Boston Marathon on April 15th! How in the hell did this

happen? Well, the non-profit company I am so blessed to call my employer, Bay

Cove Human Services, asked me in late December if I would like to accept 1 of the

6 bibs we receive from John Hancock.

First thing I did was check to make sure I had enough time to train since it was 4.5 months away. I may have been an athlete my entire life, but I NEVER was a runner. I repeat, NEVER! With only 4 months need to train, I told them emphatically in my best Tom Brady imitation, LET’S GO!!!

At Bay Cove, there are over 2,200 employees, and to be 1 of 2 (the other 4 runners

are friends/contributors to the company) is such an honor! To think, 18 months

ago TODAY I walked into detox as broken as an individual can be. Don’t you dare

ever listen to anyone that tells you, YOU CAN’T! I am all the evidence you need;


Part of running the prestigious Boston Marathon, of course, is the fundraiser, and last year Bay Cove raised $90,000 between the 6 runners. Talk about setting the bar high! My individual goal is $7,500, but we are pushing for $10k. And here is the BEST part; ALL of the money donated is going right back to the recovery and mental health communities my Peer Team serves in inner Boston.

We have 43 homes and over 850 individuals that receive services through Bay Cove and the Department of Mental Health. Someday soon I will send an email about the groundbreaking things we are doing with the Peer Movement, setting the example for all of Massachusetts human services companies moving forward. 

If you are receiving this email it is because you are affected by substance abuse

and or mental health challenges,  maybe not personally, but close to home. Please

do your part in helping the individuals who deserve more in my beloved

hometown of Boston and  CLICK HERE or the red button above to donate!

Check out how far as little as $25 can go…


$250 – provides an extra day of detox treatment for someone entering recovery from a substance use disorder at Bay Cove’s Andrew House.

$100 – provide breakfast for 80 of our Persons served at the Medeiros Center for Change program, a day program for older adults who are homeless.


$50 – could pay for yoga or other wellness activities for a Person with mental health challenges.


$25 – could pay for formula for infants in our New Day program for expecting and new mothers in recovery for opioid addiction.

Thank you for your continued support, helping me in extending our reach to greater platforms, taking the Mission of  Motivational Recovery worldwide. We really are doing it! Thank you!



~ Jason Hyland


►Alcoholic ► Addict ► Bestselling Author ► Soon-to-be Marathon Runner ►Life Changer







#runjasonrun #running4recovery



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