Philosophical Rants #20: The Gambler’s Fallacy

Hello Recovery Friends,
Meet Peter! This is a very in-depth, interesting, and indormative post by him about “The Gambler’s Fallacy.” Take a visit and you’ll Get It!


Inverted logic


From the standpoint of logic, it seems quite salient that human thought is blighted with a plethora of logical fallacies.  Fallacies ranging from the misapplication or misleading heuristics to obdurate ratiocinations that blatantly rejects the established unassailable facts of reality. The spectrum of reasoning errors as you can imagine is quite vast. Hence why there is a multitude of various logical fallacies that are commonly discussed in the subdiscipline of Philosophy known as logic. The question then becomes why precisely we as humans are so incredibly susceptible to such faulty thinking?  While humankind is far from perfect it is awe inspiring how flawed our thinking is. The follies and pitfalls of human thought have a wide range of generally latent motives that act as the prime mover of such errors.  Not all intentional even at the subconscious level, but rather are the byproduct of the conflation or transposing different…

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