Recovery Hump Day Digest

Recovery Hump Day Digest

Joann, SOMETIMES WE Need to call out “The Caller Out’s” like this lady Carol! FIRST? She has NO sense of professionalism as a “Whistle Blower” while trying to exposure patient brokering, poor services by treatment centers, rehabs, or detox facilities. Even how she blasts marketers or advocates doing GOOD WORKS Through Actions by caring advocates like Jim Downs and his wife Marisol. YES, you and I have had chats that the public needs to know and be warned? But you don’t the way she does as HATING on others and showing no Evidence to Support her claims. People like her need the HATE and GOSSIP Tables Turned on HER and others who are harming and purely HARASSING … Catherine

Holy Shit

As I look around at the Facebook recovery community it has become more and more obvious to me that not only are the same dog gone people doing the same dog gone things but the same dog gone people are doing the same dog gone things. Who knows maybe that is the secret to recovery and why I am never at peace it wouldn’t surprise me.

HELP RECOVERY PEOPLE please I beg do something new, fresh and exciting that makes me want to come back in and see what you have happening next! Advocate after advocate, marketer or not sharing each other’s quotes every single day. Why in the world do I need to follow Moe, David and Chuck if Moe’s page has exactly the same posts as Davids and Chucks they are even in the same order and hello they say the same damn things. Come on, you need…

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