There is no need for Popularity on social media to become an ideal .

ESPECIALLY in The Recovery Arena on Facebook!!
A very disturbing trend happening with Recovery Advocates and many peddling their wears, who has the most “LIKES” for their videos and all on the backs of those SUFFERING FROM ADDICTIONS???


Sweetu Rocks

What do you think What is perfection? How to be perfect? How to take this Perfection . ?

You know what Some People think about it . ? Perfection Means not just only having a job , Because some people think that perfection means wonderful personality with good looks . And What is the definition of perfection in people’s mind? is just like that – Some People think that perfection is the modern lifestyle of popular people . Some think that perfection means live in the big house and a lot of moneys . And some people thinks , that luxury cars collection is the name of perfection . More Different Thinking and more different ideas About the perfection in peoples mind .

We have seen Many people on social media and around . some of them are exhalent . Those some people having a Strong Body . Some of…

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