Tips for Getting Through the Holidays When You are in Addiction Recovery

Tips for Getting Through the Holidays When You are in Addiction Recovery

Today is day three of my 36 days on Holiday Watch and my Guest is a caring woman I support in Recovery and enjoy Victoria B’s informative blog! This is an Amazing Post all my Recovery Posse needs to read and all our New Visitors too. Great Post “V” … Catherine 🥰😺💞✝

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The holiday season is rife with opportunities to socialize with friends, family, and coworkers. From sit-down dinners to cocktail parties, alcohol is often involved in these occasions. For individuals in addiction recovery, whether for drinking or drugs, this can be triggering. On top of this, the deadlines and social obligations that come with the holiday season can leave you feeling stressed. Stress is one of the most dominant triggers when it comes to relapsing. Don’t despair, however: The below tips will help you stay sober throughout the festive season.

Maintain a healthy diet

Holiday food may be tasty, but treats like Christmas ham and cookies tend to be high in fat and sugar. Try to maintain a healthy diet as this can influence your mental health. For example, research shows that a well-balanced gut microbiome is essential to combatting depression, which can be another trigger for substance abuse. Eat foods…

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