The Humans of Mental Illness

The Humans of Mental Illness

I want to say “Thank You” to James for not only his bravery to with the world about his mental health challenges in the form of writing and sharing his voice, stories, and experiences, as it surely gives me and many I am sure much HOPE and to know we are not alone with mental illness. I think a book project would be an amazing idea of shared voices and stories as it would help shatter the stigma around mental illness and help others learn that those of us who have mental and emotional challenges can still lead a happy, normal life! That is why I am REBLOGGING James’s post! “-) Catherine

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My First Big Announcement of 2020

Stories. They are meant to be shared with the world. Mental illness stories are no different.

We all have a mental illness story. It begins sometime in the past where our realization and, at times, hospitalization leads to an understanding that you have a mental illness. Then begins the story and the journey. I have written my story, and now I am ready to share the stories of those in the mental illness community.

I have been preparing for a summer project that could be a year or two in the making. I want to create a book with the stories of those willing to share their stories. I have done this before at there blog level, and I am not ready to do this at the book level. My book would be an in-depth look at…

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