Starting over is hard to do

I wanted to share this post of Joe Jr., and I can really relate to this post because I have just lost my own father about a week or so ago now due to COVID and wishing I could talk to Papa Joe…

My father lived in Southern California, and we are in Arizona. My nephew called to let me know as I have been estranged from both my sisters for 15+years and, sadly, my father as well. Papa Joe and I would talk about this often, and he always gave me sound advice as my emotions and depression has been all over the place.

We don’t get to pick or choose our family. So, the sadness and the pain, I shall lay it at the feet of my Lord and finally close this chapter to let it lay in peace with my father … Catherine

The Light

A few days ago, I shared my morning thoughts about life’s challenges. It said: “Life will never be easy. It will always be hard. But, we can choose our hard. Pick wisely.” I used that morning thought to reflect a little on life and some of the choices I’ve made. I reflected on my hard days and the easy ones and it made me think about how many times I have started over.

I know there are probably others out there that can relate to starting over…hard choices…tough consequences…and the day to day challenges that make life what it is. I figured this week I’d reflect a little with everyone on starting over and the hardness of life and the choices we make.

I can remember graduating high school…looking at the world with a can-do attitude, invincible and ready to make my mark. I remember the change in my routine…

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