Drinking Messed My Life Up Big Time

Those of us maintaining recovery always think we have heard the worst of the worst when we are BRAVE ENOUGH to share our story of addictions. I am reblogging this one because I am not sure how this man is still living today. AND DALLAS? I don’t mean that disrespectfully.
You have been through hell and back, and I commend you for sharing your full story… You should be proud for being Open, Honest, and very transparent about your addictions and, now, your early recovery. You INSPIRED ME with this post, and I wish you all the success and blessings I know the Lord is ready to give you!

*Cat Lyon*

Addiction Battling Brotherhood

Routy High Schoolers

I never thought i was going to be the one that had so many problems with drinking in the future but i shoudl of seen it coming with how hard i drank even back in highschool. We Drank hard and blacked out often, We would go looking for fights and always found them which didnt always end our way. I had my butt kicked so bad i woke up in the hospital with a broken eye socket and a battered up head, i was beat with bats and metal pipes which is unfair but im sure it would have all been avoided if it wasnt for drinking that night. i drank and drove alot, i was the only friend with a vehicle and one time we though it was a good idea to do this thing called sign smashing and all you do is swerve off the…

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