Don’t compare yourself to strangers

If you want to be INSPIRED by words of WISDOM … You need to come to visit my girl Saania, and her blog “Fun With Philosophy Follow Your Curiosity!” This amazing post she has written gives excellent advice to everyone and including my Recovery Friends! Never Compare Yourself or your recovery to ANYONE. Your recovery path and Story is unique as it is a tool to help others!

Saania’s Post is a reminder to my recovery friends and supporters how important it is to NOT COMPARE yourself to anyone… We need to look within ourselves first for validation, love, and our worth, first, and always!


About Saania

Hello, and welcome to Fun with Philosophy!
I am 17 years old and love discovering the world around me. Hope you enjoy my blog, and do keep visiting! 

– SaaniaSparkle 

We often fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others as we scroll through various different social media. We also make judgements about how we don’t/can’t measure up against them. Unfortunately, social media is a place that triggers that unpleasant self-disdain, and this, as I’ve seen is so very unhealthy. In our modern world, social media exists as a tool to highlight the best parts of us and our lives, meaning comparisons have become stronger, but also more unfair.

Sonja Lyubormirsky, a psychologist at the University of California, said that “people who are happy use themselves for internal evaluation.” While in many cases comparisons help us learn from each other, other times, they rob us from gratitude and fulfilment in our own lives. When I find myself thinking that someone is better than me on social media, what I really find myself doing is trying to meet unrealistic expectations…

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