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We Are Stardust

The stars were the furnaces that were used to create the universe. Every single atom you interact with was created in the stars, and at this moment, billions and billions of stars are forming more elements….Hopefully, you will never look up at the stars in the same way.”
~Michael A. Singer

We each have stardust in our veins, in our atoms, and throughout our bodies. To me, this proves the idea of Oneness more than anything. Stars billions of years old are within all the elements of the earth, throughout the universe upon universe, and within you and me. How cosmic, how breathtaking, how transcendent this scientific knowledge is.

I am grateful that science and spirituality join together in physics. I am thankful that although we don’t know everything by far, we know some things to be true. And like the song says “We are stardust.” This is a miracle in my opinion, and I am indubitably thankful for the wisdom of the ages that coalesces in the modern-day world, so we can marvel together.

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