My Journey From Sexual Trauma, Addictions, Homelessness to Recovery, Standing In Redemption Within God’s Love, The Lang Martinez Story Begins.

Hello Recovery Posse, Friends, and Visitors,
I wanted you to meet my dear friend, Lang Martinez, and his journey of recovery and healing. Lang writes and shares it within his new WP website, “Nobody Knows But Me.”

Lang is, like me, an adult survivor of child/ teen sexual trauma and abuse. His story is powerful as he raises awareness of several other social issues that he has overcome in his life. Homelessness, Addictions, and now has 5-yrs of clean sobriety.
He has embraced his past trauma and is sharing it so those who may still suffer in silence can have HOPE and know they are not alone.

I hope you will visit and read all his posts and lead some support! ~Catherine Lyon


Many Of My Articles Have Been Featured In The
Citizen Journal, VC Star, La Crescenta Valley Weekly, Fillmore Gazette, DailyAdvent, & Keys To Recovery Newspaper.

I am very tired of hiding and living in isolation and inner fear.
I am tired of inner shame that never seems to go away.
I am tired of thinking that I don’t deserve to be happy.
I am tired of carrying the burden of blaming myself for what happened, resulting in living a life of self-punishment, self-shame & all the pain.
I want to be free and unashamed!

“My name is Lang, and this is my life, but also the lives of so many others who have been sexually abused, traumatized, and who have been damaged, who have been destroyed.”

~Lang Martinez

We process this damage by destroying and self-sabotaging ourselves in so many ways. We continue to ask ourselves, “What part did I…

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