“Nobody knows but me,” “God did!” Looking Back Helps Me Move Forward and See How Far I Have Come Within Recovery and Healing Journey. . .

Hello Recovery Posse and New Friends.
My dear friend and fellow advocate, Lang Martinez, has a new post that I wanted to help share with everyone. He has had a rough few weeks and was just released from UCLA medical center.

I started a Go Fund Me to help him with the ongoing medical expenses, treatments, and medications he will need as he was diagnosed with a rare, incurable syndrome called “Bechet’s Disease.” Lang has a long road to recovery, loss of vision in one eye, and learning to manage this disease. I hope you will help Cat help Lang by contributing and supporting him. It would mean so much to me. Thanks, friends!


I want to begin and share a “Thank You” to my friend Catherine for setting up my last post while I was in the hospital. I was finally released on Thursday after nine days in the Ronal Regan UCLA Medical hospital. I also want to thank her and her husband, Tom, for setting up thisMedical & Treatment Fund For Lang Martinez
https://gofund.me/b30e26dd to help pay for my medical expenses and ongoing doctor appointments, treatments, and care. I don’t know what I’d do without true friends.

My Buddy & Sponsor, Ruben Chavez

Tom and Catherine Lyon, My Friends

I am very blessed to have caring and supportive friends in my life.
I am staying with another dear friend, my recovery sponsor, Rubin Chavez, who is helping me stay out of trouble (lol), helping as I can not drive now, and making sure I do what my doctors have told me…

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