Sharing Photos of Living a Recovery Lifestyle With Friends Even Through My Health Challenges and More…

I can never say enough good things about this man!

Lang has come a long way within GOD’S Love, Care, and Mercy as even when his health is not good, he still finds ways to be of recovery service to others, and make someone SMILE!

His advocacy might be a little unconventional at times, (LOL), but his heart is always in the right place. You can’t expect more when he is still on a healing journey of his own…still.
It is what his website is all about. Sharing his journey and his voice for those who feel they don’t have one.

Advocate Catherine Lyon 😺✨💞✝✝


“Keeping Hope Alive”

I will start this new post with a bit of a Health Update for my new friends, visitors, and recovery supporters.

Since I had been released from UCLA Medical center after nine days at the end of last month on a Thursday, I had another trip back that Sunday. So, my friend Adam took me to VC Memorial in Ventura around 4:30 PM with severe pain in my stomach. After some tests, it was the blood thinners my blood doctor had me on, and my body had an adverse reaction to them.

So they took me off them for 48 hours, and we are trying some new ones. I was finally released around 2 AM and went home. I finally got an eye appointment with the eye surgeon next week to drain the fluid out of my right eye and see if I’ll need surgery to attach…

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